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GWM's Tank brand officially arrives in South Africa

Chinese automotive manufacturer GWM's Tank is now officially in South Africa with the launch of the Tank 300. Tank is one of two new car brands recently introduced to the local market by GWM, with the other being Ora. Haval and the P-Series are the other brands under its wing.
The GWM Tank 300 | image supplied
The GWM Tank 300 | image supplied

“GWM Tank is already a well-established off-road lifestyle brand in China and in world markets such as Australia, where owners share our love for overlanding the great outdoors and for finding roads less travelled.

“That is why we are very confident that the GMW Tank 300 and future GWM Tank models will find a welcome home among South Africans,” says Bianca van Staden, the head of marketing, brand and PR of GWM South Africa.

Tank is an off-road brand that will compete with other off-road car giants like Toyota and Ford, and the Tank 300 is a medium-sized SUV that will most likely compete with the Toyota Fortuner based on dimensions.

The Tank 300 is built on a ladder frame chassis that uses mostly 1,500Mpa steel. Mounted to the ladder frame is a multi-link rear suspension and a double-wishbone front suspension. Multiple towing and recovery hooks are fitted directly to the chassis, and the drivetrain is anchored with mounts and a balancer shaft.

GWM has developed two 4x4 systems on this platform. The first, an All-Terrain Driving System with Multi-Terrain Select will be available on the internal combustion models that are expected within the next few weeks. More information on these models will be made available soon.

The second is an all-time four-wheel drive system with electronic management and low range. This system is unique to the hybrid electric version of the GWM TANK 300, the first model to arrive in South Africa.

This system gives the driver full control of the vehicle responses in all terrains, with a choice between the following driving modes: Normal, Economic, Sport, Stone, Snow (for any slippery conditions), Sand and Low-Range 4x4 driving (4L).

All GWM Tank 300 models have an electronically controlled rear differential lock for technical off-road driving as standard. The vehicle is also offered with two sections of underbody protection.

The GWM Tank 300 offers 22 mm of ground clearance and has an approach angle of 33 degrees. The departure angle is an equally impressive 34 degrees, while the ramp-over angle is 23.1 degrees.

The GWM Tank 300 has a maximum climb gradient rating of 70%, and all models, including the hybrid version, have a maximum wading depth of 700mm.

Performance – engine and drivetrain

The GWM TANK 300 is available in two distinct drivetrain and power configurations. More information on the internal combustion models will be made as soon as the first vehicles become available in South Africa.


The Hybrid Electric version of the GWM Tank 300 features the best in GWM engineering for unmatched power and torque with low fuel consumption. This model is also equipped with an iBooster Intelligent Braking System that allows for energy regeneration during braking.

Combined power (petrol/electric): 255kW (Petrol engine: 180kW at 5,500 r/min – 6,000 r/min and electric motor 78kW)

Combined torque (petrol/electric): 648,Nm (Petrol engine: 380Nm at 1,700 r/min – 4,000 r/min and electric motor 268Nm)

Transmission: Nine-speed Hydraulic Automatic gearbox

Fuel consumption: 8.4l/100km in a combined cycle (claimed)

The GWM Tank 300 petrol models are equipped with a turbo-petrol engine with variable boost technology and direct injection.

Power: 162kW at 5,500 r/min

Torque: 380Nm at 1,800 r/min to 3,600 r/min

Transmission: Eight-speed automatic gearbox


  • Tank 300 2.0T 8AT 4x4 Super Luxury - R725, 950 (available Late Q1)
  • Tank 300 2.0T 8AT 4x4 Ultra Luxury - R775, 950 (available Late Q1)
  • Tank 300 2.0T 9HAT 4x4 Super Luxury - R851, 950
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