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City Press article on exit of former managing editor Zain Semaar

Newzroom Afrika is disappointed by the false and unsubstantiated claims made against the channel and its CEO in an article by the City Press, “Newzroom Afrika managing editor fired after 'heated argument' with channel co-founder Ngwato”.
City Press article on exit of former managing editor Zain Semaar

Contrary to claims made in the article by Nompumelelo Magagula, Newzroom Afrika co-founder Thabile Ngwato was not even present on the day former managing editor Zain Semaar was informed that his contract would not be renewed, let alone involved in a heated dispute with him.

The CEO does not get involved in contractual discussions with employees and Semaar did not have that kind of access to her. Semaar was not fired, he simply did not have his contract renewed as his services were no longer required.

As another example of factual inaccuracy, Duduzile Ramela is still very much an anchor at Newzroom Afrika. She has not left the channel as stated in the article.

The entire piece smacks of a personal vendetta based on an unidentified anonymous “source" and it is sad to see a once respected publication such as City Press peddling this false information.

Our initial non-response to the allegations from City Press were based on the fact that Newzroom Afrika does not comment on issues concerning its relationship with individual employees. This doesn't mean that City Press has the right to perpetuate untruths and push a false narrative.

From here on, Newzroom Afrika will be dealing with this matter legally.

Media statement issued by Newzroom Afrika

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