Peter Alkema

Chief Information Officer at FNB
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Peter is the CIO of FNB Business and has spent 15 years in IT. He is a key driver behind developing and implementing innovative IT solutions in CRM, procurement, finance and HR. His professional career spans various IT leadership roles across consulting and lines of business mainly in financial services.

Peter is currently busy with his PhD at Wits University researching the impact of senior leadership on agile software development teams.
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Strange bedfellows. Banks and start ups need to collaborate

New customer preferences threaten the traditional business models of financial services companies and large banks...

By Peter Alkema 13 Nov 2017

Leveraging cloud as a disruption enabler

A technology innovation that offers disruptive tendencies is the cloud...

By Peter Alkema 6 Oct 2017

#BizTrends2017: Where tech is taking us

Technology touches just about every aspect of our lives. Here are some of what FNB's chief information officer, Peter Alkema predicts for 2017.

By Peter Alkema 11 Jan 2017

No more bricks and mortar as banks move into the virtual space

Mobile devices have simplified routine banking interactions and enabled customers to address their own needs anywhere and anytime, making banking processes almost ubiquitous...

By Peter Alkema 9 Dec 2016

Investing in cultural transformation and innovation

Running integrated partnerships can drive collaboration, skills development and innovation at all levels...

By Peter Alkema 11 Oct 2016

Banking on being a winning brand

Creating a winning brand requires traditional and digital tools that exemplify its values and core product offerings...

By Peter Alkema 7 Sep 2016

Blockchain, bitcoin and banking

Blockchain technology will become the new normal. Its disruptive nature is likely to have a profound effect on traditional financial services' way of doing business...

By Peter Alkema 4 Aug 2016

Passion and agility drive techpreneurs

Despite tough economic times, technology continues to flourish in South Africa...

By Peter Alkema 8 Jul 2016

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