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icandi CQ is a 31% Black Woman Owned, Level 2 B-BBEE strategically driven full-service digital brand, communication and employee experience agency.
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Can your EVP drive work-life integration in 2023?
In this post-pandemic hybrid working environment, does your EVP still attract talent and deliver real value? Is it time to dissolve the old model or evolve it into a more human-centric approach to value? 23 Mar 2023 Read more

Metaverse - crypto or kryptonite for marketing?
Trend of fad? Unexplored universe or volatile planet? Like it or leave it, the metaverse is one planet you cannot afford to ignore or not explore. So, let's explore... 17 Feb 2023 Read more

What can US businesses teach SA about inclusion at work?
We may think of workplace diversity as a problem unique to South African businesses based on our history, but it's not. We only have to look to the US, where chief diversity and inclusion officers and gender-neutral pronouns are part of business to realise that maybe we have a thing or two to learn from our counterparts up north. 23 Sep 2022 Read more

Gender equality: How woke (or broke) is your internal comms?
It's Women's Month - that time of year when every company becomes 'woke' to the issues affecting their female employees and the many ways their recruitment programmes, wellness initiatives and gender equality policies are fighting the good fight and winning. And yes, many companies have made very real strides in transforming the workplace into a place where women have voices and make choices from positions of real power and influence across the board and, indeed, on the board. 3 Aug 2022 Read more

Can you have workplace culture without a traditional workplace?
Is workplace culture still worth investing in? Are cultural activities still in fashion? In the lead up to Heritage Day this month, we look at how company cultures, diversity and inclusion intersect at the corner of brand sustainability. 7 Sep 2021 Read more

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