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eSTUDY is your trusted partner in high impact learning programmes, achieving business objectives while earning BEE points through a unique combination of digital (eLearning) and classroom-based learning models.
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Unpacking the new Code of Good Practice on workplace harassment
To be fair, the code isn't that new - it came into effect in March 2022. But due to its far-reaching consequences, many HR departments and managers are still struggling to come to terms with the impact of the code and what it requires of them. 20 Mar 2023 Read more

A great way to reduce the cost of BEE Skills Development Points
Imagine the typical intern. Young and keen to learn, they approach your business for work experience. You give them a holiday job so they can get a feel for how things work in the real world. If you're lucky, your intern has a knack for the job and adapts well to the workplace culture. New hire, 1. Recruitment fees, 0. 6 Feb 2023 Read more

In recent years, the rise of intrapreneurship has been hard to avoid. Businesses across the globe are beginning to recognise the many benefits that having a team of intrapreneurs can bring. However, what exactly is intrapreneurship, and how can it benefit your organisation? 9 Nov 2022 Read more

Succeeding in Skills Development can be a delicate affair. Get it right, and you maximise your points on the B-BBEE Scorecard while simultaneously growing your talent pool. But get it wrong, and it has the same business impact as setting wads of cash on fire. To get it right time and time again, follow our five simple steps. 28 Sep 2022 Read more

Recruiting talent for your business is an art as well as a science. Follow these five tips to make sure that you're recruiting the best talent for your business - people who will help your business grow, and who are able to put your dreams into action. 13 Jan 2022 Read more

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