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Ugqozi Entertainment - we balance your needs with our fresh, vibrant and dynamic ideas on your event technical, putting your company literally under the spotlight. Sets| ambient lighting| stage lighting| AV screens| display units| PA systems
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Ugqozi Entertainment: Giving life to your ideas!
Sound clips, slide shows, overhead projectors, clickers, podiums, lapel microphones and sometimes comfort monitors, these are just few ways that executives, sales reps and PR managers across the country deliver their communication, whether it be a sales pitch, company mergers, product launch, class room lecture, celebration of achievement and or a gala dinner. 6 Jun 2023 Read more

Event technical supplier on the block
So we are Ugqozi Entertainment. We have been in the industry for the past tweleve years offering high levels of service to companies and individuals across the country. As times change and events technology changes we have also evolved to become this value-driven, client-driven supplier. We work with event organisers and event venues doing big and small events. We make use of high-end quality equipment. We combine this equipment with your needs and requirements to create long-lasting memories for your prospects while driving awareness and sales for your entity. 28 Feb 2020 Read more

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