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We are a close-knit team of digital marketing and Shopify experts based in South Africa and the United Kingdom. As one of 4 accredited Shopify experts in South Africa, we work with over 100 online retailers to deliver a holistic e-commerce and digital marketing solution, gearing their brands for success in a competitive online space.
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Source: © George Milton
Influencer marketing is not new, but the role that influencers - large and small - can play for brands has shifted since the onset of the pandemic. Therefore it is important for brands to relook at their influencer strategies - and why, if they haven't got one, they need to put one in place. 21 Dec 2022 Read more

How to get your brand ahead this Black Friday
Black Friday is an international sales beast that is gaining marked traction in the South African retail landscape. Savvy online buyers and sellers alike have got plenty to gain around this sales period... 21 Nov 2022 Read more

TDMC takes the lead
How women bring different eyes to business and why it has worked for leading South African digital agency TDMC 27 Oct 2022 Read more

The role of influencers for ecommerce brands
For South African consumers, the shift from bricks-and-mortar shopping to online retail has traditionally been slow. Although half the population has access to the internet and mobile services, online sales have accounted for less than 2% of retail purchases. Until 2020. Nicola Ashe, from TDMC, takes a closer look at the role of influencers in the ecommerce space. 11 Oct 2022 Read more

TDMC's Cheryl Ingram explains how Covid-19 has fast-tracked the adoption of ecommerce for both consumers and retailers
As a predominantly e-commerce focussed business that started in 2013, it's fair to say that the first four years of our existence often felt like we were swimming upstream. Why? Because the South African retail sector was relatively slow in adopting e-commerce - largely as a result of the high cost of entry and the challenging associated logistics. 6 Oct 2022 Read more

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