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Student Village have been youth specialists for 20+ years. We connect brands with youth and youth with brands. Our services include youth insights, digital & brand activations and bursary services.
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SA's youth spend R303bn annually, according to research concluded in November 2022
Youth marketing specialists, Student Village and Youth Dynamix, have conducted a survey of nearly 3,000 young people to explore the socio-economic dynamics of South Africans aged 15 to 34 years. The research reveals a potential spending pool of R303bn per year and uncovers exciting trends around what drives the younger generation's lifestyle and spending habits. 6 Feb 2023 Read more

Top 6 Gen Z trends every marketer should know in 2023
It's that time again when we sit down to discuss the biggest consumer trends that we see impacting South Africa's Gen Zs in the coming year. These trends and insights are based on our soon-to-be-released Youth Spend and Lifestyle Report 2022. So, get your notebooks ready. We're about to spill the T on what's worth looking out for in 2023. 23 Jan 2023 Read more

Breach: How the next generation are consciously disrupting the world
Noun: An act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct. 3 Nov 2022 Read more

Fresh, Fresher, Fresher's Box 2022
Remember when you were a kid and you managed to get your hands on a lucky packet? Who can forget that feeling of sweet anticipation as you ripped the pack open to discover the treasures inside. 12 Sep 2022 Read more

Graduates: An investment worth making
Graduates are an investment. If you treat them well they can provide the ideas, talent and insights that shape the next generation of your company. It's therefore important that graduates are given the tools and skills needed to kick ass and succeed. 23 Jun 2022 Read more

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