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Simplify is the latest in Recruitment Management Services. Simplify your recruitment with the intuitive recruitment software solution that helps you find, manage and recruit quality hires.
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8 simple and effective steps to ensure fair hiring practices within your organisation
'Fair hiring' or 'fair employment' focuses on ensuring the "employment of workers on a basis of equality without discrimination or segregation especially because of race, colour, or creed1." 20 Apr 2022 Read more Job Trends Report indicates strong growth in key industries
Key industries continue to hold their own with a positive knock-on impact on employment. 23 Nov 2021 Read more launches free hiring e-book
It has been proven that effective recruitment is the cornerstone of a healthy, functional organisation. has launched Recruitment Simplified, a digital e-book aimed at arming recruiters and hiring managers with the tools and resources to make better hires through effective, measurable and candidate-centric recruitment methodologies. 31 Mar 2020 Read more

Henneri Crous
How feedback and key learnings will improve overall candidate experience 27 Aug 2019 Read more

Henneri Crous
Practical interventions to improve candidate experience through the application and feedback process 6 Aug 2019 Read more

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