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SAFR 's Objective is to provide the best and most efficient furniture removals and storage for our local and national SA clients.
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Poor governance feeding semigration relocation trend around Southern and Western Cape towns
SAFR (Pty) Ltd have collected intel on definite trends using their national reach and relationships with the property industry and our own brands which are strategically based across South Africa. Our partner network and our moving brands of moving companies have adjusted their service and furniture removal routes to accommodate a semigration movement that is trending towards fairly specific areas. 16 Feb 2023 Read more

Western Cape providing preferred semigration destinations in South Africa
Semigration, the ability to live in one area while working in another, allows those whose work does not require office attendance to move to different areas, away from the chaos and pace of big city life. 6 Dec 2022 Read more

Cape Town moving companies' reputations do matter
A moving company's reputation does matter, and it's advised that you do your research before choosing and inviting a moving company into your home before you entrust them with your personal and household furniture. 12 Aug 2022 Read more

SAFR Removals marks the year with double-digit growth and expansion to the UK market
SAFR Removals has been at the forefront of logistics technology in South Africa for quite some time. This has paid off with double-digit growth rate this year and expanding their operations and removals services in the UK with the launch of Biggles Removals UK. Through innovative ideas, they will be able to reach their growth objectives as well as expand overseas via their subsidiary company, Biggles Removals. 19 Aug 2021 Read more

Long-distance moving costs in South Africa, cheaper movers' prices, and a better service!
This is how trusted furniture removalists Cape Removals makes cross-country moves more affordable for everyone 7 Jul 2021 Read more

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