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SACAP offers you a wide range of qualifications in the fields of psychology, counselling and coaching with our one-of-a-kind approach to learning.
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Sacap is growing: Addition of PGCE electives
Launched in 2022, Sacap (the South African College of Applied Psychology) has now announced an enhancement to its Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which will be taking effect in the 2024 academic year. This is a professional vocational skills training programme aimed at student teachers who are interested in qualifying as Senior Phase and FET (Further Education & Training) Life Orientation educators, with a choice of either English or Geography as a second subject specialisation. Furthermore, drawing on Sacap’s extensive roots in Applied Psychology, the PGCE includes the learning support specialisation of Guidance Counselling and Specialised Learning Support. 4 Dec 2023 Read more

How coaching and wellness are intersecting
Cascades of global economic, social, geopolitical and climate crises continue to overwhelm everyday life, and in response, our focus has turned inward and become deeply personal. In times of fast-paced, continuous disruption and turmoil, mental health, physical well-being, and a general sense of wellness have become greater priorities. Many are paying far more attention to the importance of preventative measures such as actively managing stress and anxiety to build resilience, ward off burnout and protect mental well-being. 22 Nov 2023 Read more

How to do matric with less stress and more success
Across the country, around a million South African families have a young loved one preparing to write their final school exams. It's a time loaded with significance and charged with hope and excitement, fear and anxiety. Teens feel like they are facing the high-stakes endurance challenge of their lives, and many parents are uncertain about how best to support them. Together, how they navigate the matric experience will impact on stress and performance levels. 5 Oct 2023 Read more

Why South Africa needs registered counsellors
Once stigmatised and marginalised, mental healthcare is now centre stage. Over the past few decades, there has been growing mainstream acceptance that we need to attend to our emotional well-being with the same concern that we apply to our physical health. Mental healthcare is not just for some people facing serious challenges, we can all be affected by issues such as anxiety and depression, and many South Africans battle with substance abuse. In 2022, it was estimated that untreated anxiety and depression cost the South African economy around R200bn due to work absenteeism and lack of productivity. 21 Sep 2023 Read more

Social workers are key change makers in SA
For centuries social workers have been at the forefront of helping people navigate times of disruption and radical change. Often referred to as a noble profession, social work has its roots in the 1800s when societies grappled with the emerging impacts of industrialisation. Social workers have historically played a critical role in advocating for social reforms and giving voice to people who are excluded, exploited, or left behind in a changing world. It is no surprise then, that in today's tech-driven revolution era, social work is one of the relevant fields for those with a passion to make a difference. 7 Sep 2023 Read more

Empathy and encouragement - Parent toolkit for matric exams
Join Sacap's free Parents Guide to Matric Support Webinar 2023 15 Aug 2023 Read more

Choosing private higher education? BAC accreditation and why it matters
The demand for higher education in South Africa far outstrips the places available at the country's 26 publicly funded universities. Private tertiary institutions play a critical role in making quality further education more available to the population. This is not simply about offering more or alternative places in tertiary education. Some of South Africa's private higher institutions have evolved into leading providers in their educational fields. Whether, public or private, all tertiary institutions are overseen by the Department of Higher Education and Training, as well as the Council on Higher Education (CHE) which sets the quality standards for all universities and colleges. 5 Jun 2023 Read more

Why coaching for culture and engagement is a growing organisational trend
As organisations are buffeted by endless change and disruption, there is an increase in focus on coaching for culture and engagement to build positive and resilient workplaces. In recent years, companies are grappling with significant forces impacting on organisational culture and employee engagement. Many are undergoing radical digital transformation projects that are changing the way employees work. Hybrid work models have been introduced, and the need for improved Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) across workplaces are all driving organisational change. 22 May 2023 Read more

Build the skills to have difficult conversations
As social creatures, it's natural to feel a sense of trepidation, or even full-blown anxiety, when you know that a high stakes conversation is on the cards. While avoidance is an understandable reaction, the respite is generally short-lived, and the consequences of not engaging with what needs to said and heard can be significant. 6 Mar 2023 Read more

Young South Africans frame their future
Young South Africans aspire to do work that is both meaningful and fulfilling, according to the Frame Your Future survey recently conducted by Sacap (The South African College of Applied Psychology). The online survey canvassed 850 internet-connected respondents aged between 17 and 20 years who are recent school leavers or currently in Grades 11 and 12 to gauge their hopes and fears about the future. 9 Feb 2023 Read more

Making smart choices after your matric results
Matric results are in for the 2022 cohort, and a new phase of life is about to begin for the country's latest school-leavers. Some will step onto their chosen tertiary or vocational pathways, but for many, the way ahead is not yet clear... 6 Feb 2023 Read more

Registered counsellors can help stem the tide of SA's mental health crisis
With endemic poverty, high unemployment, high crime rates and the prevalence of gender-based violence, South Africans have long been a chronically stressed nation. Over the past few years, the global pandemic, economic downturn, climate crisis and geopolitical wars have only served to highlight the need to properly recognise the impact of poor, and worsening mental health on the country. 12 Dec 2022 Read more

How short courses boost professional development and lifelong learning
Sacap Global launches new short courses and micro credentials in 2022 21 Oct 2022 Read more

From cottage campus to national impact: Sacap celebrates 25 years
In 1997, clinical psychologist, Marc Feitelberg, founded Sacap (The South African College of Applied Psychology). From its early beginnings with 18 students in a cottage in the Cape Town suburb of Wynberg, Sacap today has a well-developed campus in each of South Africa's four main urban centres, a thriving online campus, and over 3,000 students countrywide. 19 Oct 2022 Read more

Why SA needs community-based approaches to mental healthcare
With sustained high levels of stress and trauma experienced across the world over the past few years, mental health and well-being is in the global spotlight. Struggling to cope with adversities is nothing new for South Africans. As one of the world's most traumatised societies, we routinely rank at the top of lists when it comes to the prevalence of anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, as well as substance abuse and domestic violence. 20 Sep 2022 Read more

Sacap steps up to help address SA's need for teachers
The delivery of quality education remains the single most critical factor in the attainment of true individual freedom and the improvement in the quality of living for all. Despite massive government investments and wave after wave of curriculum reform there has been scant progress made in the provision of quality teaching and learning in South Africa. The enduring poor performance of the country's learners in national and international standardised tests attests to insufficient improvement of actual skills and knowledge, and an education system that falls short of being transformative. 9 Sep 2022 Read more

How a coaching management style boosts business performance
Business leaders and managers are under sustained pressure as they steer their teams through the unrelenting turbulence of the current times. They are grappling with the unfolding of hybrid work against the backdrop of a global economic downturn, while there's no relief from the tech-driven disruptions happening day-to-day in every 21st century workplace. It's arguable that the standard management skill-set is not going to help them meet this moment, and neither can traditional management styles. 29 Jul 2022 Read more

How teachers can manage diversity in the classroom
South African teachers grapple with diversity each day as they implement methods and strategies to deliver the curriculum in ways that inspire all the young minds in their classrooms. From schools to workplaces there are clear all-round benefits in engaging fulsomely with diversity, appreciating it and drawing on its systemic strengths. 20 Jul 2022 Read more

Setting SA graduates up for success in 4iR world of work
Sacap's work integrated learning programmes boost work-readiness 15 Jul 2022 Read more

Sacap boosts school leavers' vocational options
The launch of two business-focused higher certificate programmes. 5 Apr 2022 Read more

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