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Pyrotec is a proudly South African company with its focus aimed firmly on the future. Its five brands - Pyrotec PackMark, Pyrotec PackMedia, Pyrotec PackLink, Pyrotec PackWorx and Pyrotec Finance - make this an industry-leading company that specialises in a comprehensive range of coding and labelling equipment, on-pack informational and promotional devices, merchandising solutions, development and manufacturing of automated systems for the packaging and manufacturing industry and making finance options available to customers. Pyrotec's software offering ensures product integrity, optimises coding activities, and helps secure centralised data management systems and label tracking systems.
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Elevate your skincare brand with expert printing and labelling solutions
We understand the importance of creating products that captivate consumers and convey the essence of your brand. In a market saturated with serums and moisturisers, standing out requires more than just an appealing formula. Here's where the power of cutting-edge printing and labelling machinery comes into play. 28 Jun 2024 Read more

Why choose premium labels for the nutraceutical industry? A look at Pyrotec PackMedia's expertise
In a rapidly evolving industry such as the nutraceutical market, product labelling stands as a crucial touchpoint between businesses and consumers. Premium labels aren't just about aesthetics – they're about compliance, trust, and effectively communicating vital information about your products. This is where Pyrotec PackMedia's expertise truly shines. 15 Feb 2024 Read more

The perfect coding and labelling solutions for personal care and cosmetic products
Regarding the personal care and cosmetics industry, standout product coding and labelling solutions can't be overstated. Your product's packaging plays a significant role in communicating brand values and attracting consumers' attention. With the proper labelling and coding, your product can truly shine. 3 Nov 2023 Read more

Revolutionising retail: Klip Strip and other display merchandising solutions from Pyrotec PackMedia
Do you remember the last time you walked into a store and were drawn to a product displayed intriguingly? Chances are, that wasn't a happy accident. Behind every successful product display in a retail store is an arsenal of effective merchandising solutions. 13 Oct 2023 Read more

The end-of-line solution you've been waiting for
The eTouch-S applicator offers AI that applies labels to exacting standards on every pack, at high production speeds. 29 Mar 2023 Read more

Uncluttered labelling for household cleaning products
Household cleaning products - whether laundry detergents, surface cleaners, dishwashing products, or toilet cleaners - are packed into easily recognisable bottles, sachets, and other formats. However, with the ongoing trend seeing consumers veering towards more natural household cleaning products, how do brand owners convey their green credentials and sustainability messaging to shoppers? 28 Mar 2023 Read more

Ready to take traceability to the next level?
Introducing the new 9750 inkjet printer - the true value of innovation. 27 Mar 2023 Read more

The new SmartLase F250 - power in a small package
The new SmartLase® F250 from Markem-Imaje, locally available from Pyrotec PackMark, is the intelligent choice for your smart factory. It delivers high-quality, chemical-free, permanent coding while lowering your operating expenses. What's more, its exceptional performance in high-speed applications - even when increasing the code complexity of 1D and 2D codes - is all effortlessly integrated into an easy-to-operate compact unit. 24 Mar 2023 Read more

Functional labelling for functional foods
With anticipated global growth, from about $209bn in 2017 to $373bn in 2025, manufacturers of nutraceuticals, including functional foods and drinks, are under pressure. Pressure to extend product offerings, regulatory pressure, and pressure to manage production, packaging, and labelling needs for international distribution. 22 Mar 2023 Read more

New high-resolution inkjet coding system for advanced traceability of secondary packaging
Markem-Imaje has recently launched its 5940 G Touch Dry™ high-resolution inkjet coder that's locally available from Pyrotec PackMark. With growing industry demand for sustaining high-resolution barcodes, branding, and text on corrugated packaging, this GS1-128-compliant coder does the job without incurring the high cost of labels. 19 Aug 2022 Read more

Agrochemical labelling that helps keep products safer
Packaging for the agrochemical sector is crucial because fertilisers and pesticides are generally toxic. Advanced packaging, with excellent sealing abilities, help reduce the risk of accidental handling, storing, and transport damage. But how can the product's label also help mitigate risks? 27 Jul 2022 Read more

Consistently accurate coding for agrochemical products
Agrochemicals play an important role in global food production as they're used to increase agricultural yields and protect crops from pests. However, because of their generally hazardous nature, operational logistics for their transportation and storage are particularly complex. Because of this, high-quality packaging coding is essential. 26 Jul 2022 Read more

Considerations for nutraceutical packaging
Packaging-driven innovations including on-the-go formats, pre-measured and single-use doses have brought convenience to the growing nutraceuticals market. Nutraceuticals or functional foods include products such as dietary supplements and fortified foods that offer abundant health benefits. 4 Jul 2022 Read more

Premium labels for pharmaceutical products
The ALPharma A is a premium labelling solution from ALTech, locally available from Pyrotec PackMark for the pharmaceutical sector. 2 Jun 2022 Read more

20 benefits of getting your products in the 'buy zone'
Products that are well-packaged and visible on store shelves have a far better chance of being purchased. A quick, easy way to ensure your products are visible is by using Do-It®'s range of Hang Tabs and Display Strips, locally available from Pyrotec PackMedia. 1 Jun 2022 Read more

Coding that keeps up with personal care trends
One of the major trends in the beauty and personal care sector is inclusivity. Consumers want to be recognised for what makes them different - rather than loyally following brands that treat everyone the same. 5 May 2022 Read more

Labels that weather the elements
Labels used for outdoor products must be able to weather the elements. If products are used outside or stored in places where they're exposed to the elements, such as extreme temperatures or sunlight, the product's label needs to stand up to the conditions it's exposed to. 4 May 2022 Read more

Why booklet labels are ideal for automotive products
The automotive and auto spares industry uses large quantities of consumables from oils and lubricants to hydraulic, cooling and screen-wash fluids, fuel additives, and numerous cleaning and detailing products. 12 Apr 2022 Read more

Automatic in-line labelling for chemical products
The ALline series of labellers, locally available from Pyrotec PackMark, was developed with the latest Altech design criteria and based on years of experience from thousands of machines installed around the world. The result is a series of labellers designed for the heaviest workloads. 11 Apr 2022 Read more

Beverage trends for 2022
A report recently published by Packaged Facts describes six top beverage trends that grew during the pandemic and are expected to gain even more traction in the future. These include: 2 Feb 2022 Read more

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