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Leading with purpose: Making an impact for a thriving Africa

From personal inspiration to mindful revolution: Unveiling Mindful Masterminds

Leading with purpose: Making an impact for a thriving Africa

Today children face unique challenges that demand emotional and mental resilience for their growth. As leaders and entrepreneurs, the call to make a positive impact becomes even more pronounced. This inspired the visionary founder of Mindful Masterminds, Avashna Ramnarain, to develop an innovative approach to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of children.

A personal journey: Guiding the vision

With an esteemed background in Africa and marketing, Avashna Ramnarain, a seasoned and award-winning marketing leader with over 15 years of former experience at one of the continent’s largest PC multinationals and, more recently, Africa’s retail and wholesale giant, has undertaken an initiative to redefine the approach to mental and emotional resilience in children. Ramnarain articulates her intentional transition from corporate leadership to entrepreneurship as a deliberate quest to pursue her childhood vision, grounded in a foundation of psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. This strategic shift is driven by a commitment to impactful and purposeful work, aligns with her passion and fosters a profound sense of purpose. The inception of Mindful Masterminds was inspired by Ramnarain's own children, who showcased remarkable resilience and intellectual brilliance in navigating school challenges. Witnessing their emotional adaptability sparked a mission to establish an organisation fostering mental and emotional fortitude through play. Ramnarain's journey also carries the weight of personal loss as her younger sister fell victim to a brain tumour, underlining the fragility of life and deepening her commitment to advocating for mental health.

Play, learn and master your inner world!

Mindful Masterminds is fervently committed to unlocking the untapped potential within each child, fostering qualities of superheroes such as mental fortitude, positive mindset, courage, and adaptability through confidence-building, mindfulness, and creative art therapy. Ramnarain articulates the organisation's vision, aiming to positively impact children's lives, cultivating emotionally conscious leaders. Beyond healing, the organisation has integrated a female brain tumor survivor into their team, aligning with their mission of recognising potential in adversity. Future plans include expanding their online presence to a physical space, offering transformative experiences, and giving back through initiatives like "Free Expression Fridays" for underprivileged children.

Additionally, Mindful Masterminds exemplifies social responsibility. Their universal pledge is committed to gender equality, employment equity, and sustainable practices and is evident in their supply chain where they actively engage women from disadvantaged communities to hand craft their instore merchandise, of soft animal toys using recycled ethnic fabric which harmonises with their mission and instils an understanding of the interconnectedness of people and the planet in children for future generations to come. Rooted in personal experiences, the journey signifies the incredible potential for impactful change, weaving threads of endurance and mental fortitude into the hearts of future leaders. Ramnarain emphasises “As leaders, it is our duty to weave threads of endurance and mental fortitude into the hearts and minds of the future young leaders. By embracing this mission, we are not just nurturing and healing children: we are nurturing a future Africa that thrives on the strength of its diversity, the depth of its compassion, and the power of its mindful leaders. It's a journey that each leader and entrepreneur must embark upon - a journey that transforms us into architects of a brighter, more compassionate future.”

Leading with purpose: Making an impact for a thriving Africa
Leading with purpose: Making an impact for a thriving Africa

Join the mindful revolution

We extend an invitation to children, parents, educators, and leaders to join this mindful revolution. For more information on their empowering endeavours or to celebrate a birthday with a purpose, visit

Leading with purpose: Making an impact for a thriving Africa

About Mindful Masterminds

Mindful Masterminds is an embodiment of hope, where the principles of empowerment, employment generation, diversity, and sustainability coalesce to cultivate a more inclusive and harmonious society, setting the stage for the growth of future leaders. Mindful Masterminds envisions a better world for future generations to come- ensuring resilient, compassionate, and mindful young leaders create more optimistic and peaceful societies, where every child is a superhero, every community is empowered, and every leader puts Africa first.

18 Dec 2023 15:48