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Land Bank Insurance's innovative training programme set to revolutionise agricultural sector

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering diversity and inclusivity within the agricultural sector, Land Bank Insurance has unveiled its pioneering training programme dedicated to empowering Black assessors.

Announced at the esteemed Mzansi Young Farmers Indaba recently, this initiative indicates a new era in agricultural assessment and insurance, promising a more equitable and sustainable future for farmers across South Africa. 

Land Bank Insurance's innovative training programme set to revolutionise agricultural sector

Land Bank's Insurance Company managing director Pascal Siphugu highlighted the transformative potential of the programme, stating, "Our training programme will be a game changer in the industry, empowering Black assessors to play a pivotal role in revolutionising agricultural assessment and insurance. By providing comprehensive training and support, we aim to bridge the gap in representation and expertise, ensuring that all farmers have access to tailored insurance solutions that meet their unique needs." 

Designed specifically for black assessors, the curriculum encompasses a wide array of topics crucial to agricultural assessment and insurance. From crop valuation to analysing the impact of different perils on crop damage and the utilisation of cutting-edge technology, participants will gain a deep understanding of the intricacies of risk management and insurance products tailored to the farming community. 

"This initiative is not just about training individuals; it's about fostering a more inclusive and diverse workforce that can better serve the needs of farmers, particularly those in underserved communities," Mr. Siphugu emphasised. "Black assessors will bring invaluable perspectives and insights to the table, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of assessments while acting as ambassadors for insurance in rural areas," he adds. 

However, the journey towards inclusivity presents its own set of challenges. Ensuring accessibility for participants from remote or disadvantaged areas and providing ongoing support and mentorship are key priorities. Nonetheless, these challenges also offer opportunities for collaboration between stakeholders, including government agencies, insurance companies, and educational institutions, to create a supportive ecosystem for the development of black assessors. 

The launch of Land Bank Insurance training programme represents a significant step towards a more resilient and equitable agricultural sector. As black professionals are equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in agricultural assessment and insurance, the programme holds the promise of transforming the landscape of agricultural insurance and fostering sustainable growth throughout South Africa.

12 Apr 2024 15:36