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Verve and Alida announce a seamless software and full service global insights offer

Verve, experts in culture, communities and smart digital insight, and Alida, the leader in community-centred customer experience, today announce a seamless software and full service global insights offering.
Ross Wainwright, CEO at Alida
Ross Wainwright, CEO at Alida
Andrew Cooper, Verve founder and CEO
Andrew Cooper, Verve founder and CEO

The Verve-Alida partnership offers a full software and services proposition with flexible client servicing levels from DIY, Do-It-Together through to Verve’s Full Service holistic insights offer.

Verve founder and CEO, Andrew Cooper comments: “Modern business models often lead to vendors being focused on being either SaaS software vendors or service providers, thereby creating a gap for many clients who want a seamless, but flexible, one stop solution.”

Cooper continues: “Central to our offer is going beyond ‘traditional’ research services to look at a problem through multiple lenses. We provide clients with holistic insight by combining community research with a range of cultural intelligence approaches, including commercial semiotics, social intelligence and AI to deliver a more nuanced, joined up, view of the customer.”

Ross Wainwright, CEO Alida, adds: “Both Alida and Verve are driven by the goal to help our clients build meaningful relationships and make better business decisions for their customers. Together with Alida’s community-centered CX software and Verve’s unique approach to community panels and smart digital research services, we’ve been able to provide even more value for our clients.”

Existing flagship Verve clients, including Samsung and John Lewis Partnership, have already moved to the Alida platform, with new clients such as Halfords, M&S and NBrown also adopting the Alida platform and Verve services offering.

31 May 2023 11:12