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Digital marketing webinar series launched in Nelson Mandela Bay

Overall Events & Communication in partnership with Samantha Barnard, development lead at Phambano Technology Development Centre, has launched its annual in-person digital marketing workshops as a webinar series to assist small business owners with its digital marketing strategies nationwide.
Digital marketing webinar series launched in Nelson Mandela Bay

“Digital transformation is easy and accessible, but many people think that it’s not because they are afraid of breaking the technology. The technology is built to last forever, and I am here to help you. Online safety in 2021 is of paramount importance and in order to be safe online, one needs to fully understand the technology. There is simply no excuse to avoid Digital Transformation in 2021. The time is now,” says Barnard.

Barnard, fresh from attending the TechSoup Global Network Summit – the leading non-profit network facilitating distribution of technology solutions to civil society organisations globally that convened more than 500 civil society leaders from 50 countries virtually for the biennial TechSoup Global Network (TSGN) Summit in June 2021 – has extensive digital marketing experience.

“If you are feeling overwhelmed with social media, I am here to guide you through the weekly steps you can take to make social media enjoyable and successful for your brand.”

“Digital marketing should form part of your overall communication strategy and objectives as a brand. Communicating with your online community should not be seen as a chore but rather as an opportunity to engage and connect with your audience. Digital marketing brings you as close as you need to be,” says Claire Kivedo, creative director at Overall Events & Communication.

The webinar series covers the following:

Digital Marketing Strategy Creation (Friday, 16 July 2021: 9–12pm) 

  • Module one: How to Create a Content Planner That Actually Works
  • Module two: Which Tools Should I Be Using to Enhance My Digital Marketing Strategy?
  • Module three: Introduction to Email Marketing in 2021

Social Media Marketing in 2021 Part One (Friday, 23 July 2021: 9–11am)

  • Module one: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – The Basics
  • Module two: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook in 2021

Social Media Marketing In 2021 Part Two (Friday, 30 July 2021: 9–11am)

  • Module three: Everything You Need to Know About Instagram in 2021
  • Module four: Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn in 2021
Digital marketing webinar series launched in Nelson Mandela Bay

Book your space now and join us for these interactive online sessions aimed at empowering small business owners and non-profit organisations to increase their online brand presence.

13 Jul 2021 12:31