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ProfitShare Partners Andrew Maren invited to the prestigious SIBOS Finance Event in Canada

ProfitShare Partners, a trailblazing global fintech company dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through innovative financing solutions, proudly announces that its founder and CEO, Andrew Maren, has been invited to the renowned SIBOS Finance Event. This esteemed event, organised by SWIFT, is taking place until 21 September 2023 in Toronto Canada.
Andrew Maren, founder and CEO at ProfitShare Partners
Andrew Maren, founder and CEO at ProfitShare Partners

SIBOS, recognised as one of the premier gatherings of financial leaders, is a nexus for fostering industry collaboration, discussing emerging trends, and envisioning the future of finance. The invitation extended to Andrew Maren is a testament to his exceptional leadership and the significant impact ProfitShare Partners has made on the financial landscape.

Under Andrew Maren's visionary leadership, ProfitShare Partners has gained international recognition for its commitment to financial inclusion and sustainability. The company's ground-breaking approach leverages fintech to provide accessible financing solutions to SMEs, enabling them to thrive and contribute to economic growth. ProfitShare Partners' innovative model has garnered accolades for its social impact and transformative role in the fintech industry.

Andrew Maren's participation at SIBOS will highlight the following key areas of significance for ProfitShare Partners and the global market:

Recognition of Innovation: Andrew Maren's invitation underscores the company's position as a true innovator in the fintech sector. ProfitShare Partners has consistently introduced cutting-edge solutions that address critical challenges in SME financing.

Global Impact: SIBOS is a platform that attracts global attention, allowing ProfitShare Partners to extend its reach and impact on an international scale. The event provides an opportunity to collaborate with leaders from diverse financial backgrounds and explore new avenues for growth.

Elevating SMEs: ProfitShare Partners' mission revolves around empowering SMEs, which are the backbone of many economies. Andrew Maren's presence at SIBOS highlights the critical role that SMEs play in driving economic recovery and prosperity.

Commenting on this significant invitation, Andrew Maren stated: "I am thrilled to be invited to the prestigious SIBOS Finance Event, where we can showcase ProfitShare Partners' unique approach to finance and impact. This invitation is a testament to our collective commitment to creating a positive global impact by supporting SMEs through innovative and sustainable financing solutions."

Maren adds: “ProfitShare Partners looks forward to leveraging this exceptional opportunity to further its mission of empowering SMEs and contributing to the global financial ecosystem's growth and evolution”.

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22 Sep 2023 15:37