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Multi-tenant ecosystems: Powering media collaboration, workflow and engagement

No matter what industry your organisation operates in, the likelihood is that you are collecting, managing and sharing digital content across multiple departments, teams, faculties, sub-brands, team members and third parties on a day-to-day basis.
Multi-tenant ecosystems: Powering media collaboration, workflow and engagement
Multi-tenant ecosystems: Powering media collaboration, workflow and engagement

Whether for internal marketing or public-facing campaigns, web articles, video streaming, events collateral and more, content is being created constantly- adding to your business’ digital media IP collection.

To power media collaboration and protect this valuable digital media IP, organisations are establishing multi-tenant digital media ecosystems - SaaS platforms that create a shared digital infrastructure among multiple users (tenants). Let’s look at the benefits of this for media groups, brands, educational bodies and more …

Keeping it simple

Collaborating across an organisation can be a time-consuming and tedious process if there is no standardised workflow in place to commission, collect or share content - causing operational inefficiencies and unnecessary headaches.

“This is how we’ve always done it” is the usual refrain - with digital laggards clinging on to legacy systems and ways of thinking. Establishing a platform that simplifies and standardises media workflow is the first step - but crucially, the benefits of a shared system need to be communicated effectively to ensure the buy-in - and ultimately success - of any new way of working.

Multi-tenant ecosystems: Powering media collaboration, workflow and engagement


Managing user permissions to keep content away from prying eyes - making sure the right people have access to the right content - becomes infinitely more complicated if multiple methods of file sharing are being used across your business.

A single, shared ecosystem where users can be onboarded, levels of access centrally managed, and content silos created for internal use, sponsors, media and production partners, ensures your content is being accessed and used as it should by the right users - protecting the value of your digital media assets.

Multi-tenant ecosystems: Powering media collaboration, workflow and engagement

Brand consistency

Ensuring a consistent brand experience when collaborating with 3rd parties outside your organisation is only possible through the adoption of single or multi-tenant SaaS platforms, with popular 3rd party services like Dropbox, WeTransfer or even WhatsApp offering no levels of brand customisation.

Why is this important? There is value in collecting from and sharing content with external community members in the form of sponsors and media partners in your own branded platform.

Increasingly, brands are looking to transform their external audiences/brand followers into brand advocates by collecting user generated content for social or marketing campaigns. Allowing external audiences to submit content - as part of a public-facing, incentivised branded campaign - becomes achievable by establishing your own branded multi-tenant ecosystem.

Multi-tenant ecosystems: Powering media collaboration, workflow and engagement

Everything in its right place

Where does it all go? With so many media assets to manage and store, finding the right content at the right time becomes infinitely more simple when media assets are being shared and stored in a standardised way within a single ecosystem or platform.

Searchability is the key … with all digital media assets centrally stored in the cloud and accessible in one place making it possible to find the assets you need - when you need it.

MojoReporter Enterprise

MojoReporter Enterprise is a multi-tenant digital media SaaS platform that powers media collaboration and engagement. A result of 10 years’ experience working with traditional media groups - the team at Publisher's Toolbox have configured a SaaS solution that provides simple yet powerful digital media workflow in a branded ecosystem made up of multiple private teams.

MojoReporter Enterprise’s unique Challenges facility powers UGC campaigns via an integrated, public-facing Community Portal extension, increasing the collection of genuine community media for brand advocacy campaigns and social sharing.

Learn more here.

30 Nov 2021 11:37