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Huawei unlocking opportunities for the youth at Job Fair 2024 of Chinese-invested enterprises in South Africa

Chinese-invested enterprises in South Africa, including Huawei, gathered at the Gallagher Convention Centre for Job Fair 2024 on 16 April. The event was supported by the Chinese Embassy and run by the South Africa-China Economic and Trade Association (SACETA).
Huawei unlocking opportunities for the youth at Job Fair 2024 of Chinese-invested enterprises in South Africa

Building on the achievements of the previous job fair in 2022, this edition emphasised the two countries' shared goal of creating high-quality jobs and promoting sustainable economic development within South Africa.

Huawei is proud to play its role at this job fair as one of the 60 Chinese-invested companies that met with youth and recruited for job vacancies across ICT, finance, energy transportation, and many other sectors.

Chargé d'Affaires of the Embassy of China, Mr. Li Zhigang opened the event and highlighted the positive economic and developmental impact of this collaboration between South Africa and the People’s Republic of China.

“The presence of more than 200 Chinese invested companies in South Africa has created more than 400,000 jobs,” said Zhigang.

Minister of Social Development of South Africa, Lindiwe Zulu, told the students in attendance they must take on the opportunity for new challenges, like studying in China and learning a new language.

Speaking about sectors where South Africa wants to see more growth in the future, Zulu said, “we must continue to deepen the South Africa-China economic partnership through cooperation in areas such as infrastructure development, energy, digital technologies, education and tourism.”

The job fair can unlock these opportunities because it promotes networking between local youth and companies within SACETA. This job fair is a unique opportunity for young people to advance their careers and find meaningful work, some even signing contracts with companies on the day.

Minister in the Presidency responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluation, Maropene Marakgopa spoke on the value these types of opportunities can bring for students in our country.

Huawei unlocking opportunities for the youth at Job Fair 2024 of Chinese-invested enterprises in South Africa

“Healthy trade relations remain instrumental in addressing poverty, inequality and unemployment,” she said.

“As Huawei we are heavily invested in South Africa, it's one of our strategic regions so we’re proud to be at this job fair hoping to catalyse youth employment,” said Kemogotsitse Bosielo, senior public relations manager at Huawei. He stressed that the company wants to see more students with ICT skills because it's estimated that by 2030 that the digital economy will contribute about 30% to global GDP.

Huawei takes its role within that talent development process, “very seriously,” said Bosielo. He went on to emphasise that Huawei, “hosts its own jobs fair at the culmination of the Huawei ICT Academy programme, geared towards stimulating growth of ICT skills and promoting youth employment.”

SACETA president Wang Jijang thanked, “the Chinese Embassy and the South African government for supporting Chinese enterprises who are doing business in South Africa,” before expressing the hope that, “all job seekers may realise their dreams.”

Yanga Silo is one such dream chaser, who described the job fair as “an eye-opener” in terms of learning more about different opportunities that are available.

“I am interested in working with Huawei. It seems like a great company because it has a great future ahead of it and it's developing with the times,” said Silo.

In closing, Zhigang echoed the words of former president Nelson Mandela who said, “a winner is a dreamer, who never gives up.” Zhigang urged every career seeker present to remember that, “as long as you work hard and never give up you'll be able to reach your dreams.”

18 Apr 2024 16:33