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Revolutionising warehouse efficiency with Honeywell Pick by Voice Solution at Vector Logistics

Explore the transformative impact of Bidvest Mobility's integration of the Honeywell Pick By Voice Solution at Vector's Coega warehouse, a journey that began nearly a decade ago.

Initially piloted with 22 pickers utilising Voice technology, the initiative has since evolved to encompass all scanning equipment, revolutionising operations across multiple distribution centres nationwide.

The Linbro Park facility in Johannesburg, hosting one of Vector's largest distribution centres, serves as a prime example of the profound benefits derived from Bidvest Mobility's strategic implementation of the Honeywell Pick By Voice Solution.

Within Vector's operations, this advanced solution seamlessly merges cutting-edge Honeywell dedicated voice terminals with sophisticated Bluetooth headsets such as the SRX3, ensuring optimal functionality even within extreme environments reaching temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius.

Witness first-hand how Bidvest Mobility and Honeywell are reshaping the landscape of warehouse management, delivering unparalleled efficiency and productivity at Vector Logistics and beyond.

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Know your Honeywell Voice automated solution

Honeywell Voice technology can help you achieve business benefits through optimizing performance in operations, proven through thousands of individual customer implementations.


3 Apr 2024 12:52