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Cloud-based Asset Control Solution drives efficiencies and reduces costs

Bidvest Mobility, a leading enterprise mobility solution provider, introduces the enhanced cloud-based version of its mobile Asset Control Solution to accurately manage and track mobile assets that frequently move inside and outside of a company's premises.
Cloud-based Asset Control Solution drives efficiencies and reduces costs

Whether it’s your mobile computers, automated identification equipment, safety equipment, specialised testing equipment, vehicles or materials handling equipment, it’s key to ensure there is an accurate record of all these assets, their condition and whether or not they are available for use when employees need them to do their job efficiently.

Bidvest Mobility’s Asset ControlSolution (ACS) is specifically developed for this purpose – to accurately track the whereabouts and condition of all your mobile equipment and devices in real-time providing a company with total visibility of their mobile assets. This solution allows for easy monitoring of an asset’s downtime to maximise usage, resulting in better planning, productivity increases, and cost reductions.

ACS is available on Bidvest Mobility Cloud, which provides you with faster app delivery and improved agility at a lower cost. It is designed to provide the best optimal experience for enterprise-level apps, ensuring that your apps work anywhere, anytime, on any device or platform.

Bidvest Mobility Cloud has been specifically developed to deploy omni-channel applications as web apps or native apps across mobile computers, tablets, and desktops. It also provides the complete end-to-end service delivery lifecycle, allowing Bidvest Mobility to design, build, deploy, manage and analyse your app performance within a single connected environment.

Key features of ACS include asset and user take on, whereby all assets are captured onto the solution and are marked with an asset tracking barcode label, including related accessories, such as batteries, straps, etc. An extensive amount of information can be stored for each asset including such data as full descriptions and categorization, company asset register information, purchase history and warranty and service details. Personnel using the assets are registered into the system, and a single or multiple-shift pattern can be run, allowing workers to be allocated to the relevant shift.

Another key feature is asset issuing and returns, which involves scanning all assets at the point of issue and return. Shift reporting allows supervisors to track the return of all assets at the end of a shift so that missing assets can be quickly identified before the shift is closed. Failures or breakages during the shift are noted and follow up processes triggered as assets are returned to the issuing point. Consumables related to the asset, e.g. paper, labels, ribbons, and batteries, can also be tracked, and operators notified when stock levels run below predetermined levels.

Other features include capturing all warranties and service contracts and automatic notification when action is required. Enterprise reporting provides a comprehensive overview of the use and condition of the company’s moveable assets across the organisation.

According to Simon Grisdale, Managing Executive of Bidvest Mobility, ACS has been successfully implemented at customers’ warehouse and distribution centres in the retail and transport & logistics markets. These implementations include customers who have deployed the solution countrywide, providing them with a total view of their assets.

Grisdale says that customers are experiencing numerous benefits with this automated mobile solution, which include maximising the usage of their mobile assets, and maintaining an updated real-time asset register of all devices, thereby preventing over-investing due to a lack of visibility.

10 Dec 2019 15:05