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Final Sorbet-Preneur winner Sibongile 'Tiny' Dlamini receives her own store

Thrilling triumph: Sorbet and Bidvest Bank honour Sibongile Dlamini as final Sorbet-Preneur 2023 store recipient.
Final Sorbet-Preneur winner Sibongile 'Tiny' Dlamini receives her own store

A ground-breaking Sorbet initiative powered by Bidvest Bank is thrilled to announce the culmination of its transformative campaign with the unveiling of the final franchise winner in Broadway, Durban.

This campaign is more than just a business endeavour – it's a journey of empowerment. Sorbet-Preneur provides a unique platform for Sorbet Citizens, the talented individuals within the Sorbet Group, to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Through pitching their business proposals to a panel of judges, candidates aim to secure investment financing and ultimately become Sorbet Franchise Partners.

The campaign rigorously evaluated candidates on various criteria, including their industry comprehension, business acumen, leadership prowess, interpersonal skills, and marketing expertise – essential qualities for driving sustainable business growth.

Final Sorbet-Preneur winner Sibongile 'Tiny' Dlamini receives her own store

Sorbet-Preneur's impactful journey has resulted in the awarding of four regional stores to the winners of the 2023 campaign: Sharon Dikgale in Johannesburg (Sorbet Salon L’Corro), Zimkita Yeki in Cape Town (Sorbet Salon Tokai), Palesa Kouakou in North West (Sorbet Salon Sun City), and Sibongile Dlamini in Durban (Sorbet Salon Broadway).

Coinciding with the celebration of International Women’s Month in March, Sorbet-Preneur strategically chose 1 March to unveil and hand over the final store in Broadway, Durban, to Sibongile Dlamini, a resilient and industrious beauty specialist who epitomises the spirit of determination and hard work.

Linda Sinclair, CEO of the Sorbet Group says: “The Sorbet-Preneur initiative has reminded us that an entrepreneurial drive and an unyielding ambition, is key to building a prosperous future in South Africa, and it is very important that finance providers and franchise businesses, such as us, are able to respond to this need."

Sibongile's journey has been marked by remarkable achievements, including ranking among the top 10 therapists in KZN within Sorbet, and attaining a managerial role in 2021. Her crowning achievement came in 2022 when she received the prestigious Soul of Sorbet Award, testament to her unwavering dedication and talent.

Fuelled by the support of her franchise partners and driven by her belief in her own potential, Sibongile entered the Sorbet-Preneur Competition in 2022. Through this experience, she gained invaluable insights into self-confidence and the significance of setting long-term goals.

As she embarks on her journey as a salon owner, Sibongile understands the importance of fostering strong guest relationships, ensuring consistent service quality, and investing in the training and development of her team to propel the Sorbet Broadway store to unprecedented heights.

7 Mar 2024 11:35