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The proliferation of passions

10 years that changed the local sponsorship industry
The proliferation of passions

Its undeniable. In a world with more clutter and less attention it has become harder than ever for a brand to stand out. In the time of the millennial and Generation Z this is and will continue to be a problem faced by corporates looking to differentiate themselves and/or their product.

A 2022 consumer is looking for less of hard sell, and more of ‘what’s in it for me’. Beyond mere commodities, they want to connect with brands, partner with brands and find commonality with brands.

In the midst of an attention economy, context has the ability to change the game. When a consumer views a branded proposition in the correct context in a space they are passionate about, its likely to resonate. When that proposition is delivered in an authentic way that shows the brand shares your passion, it forges a connection and will stick.

Passion delivers and equals attention. The correct leveraging of consumer passions by brands has thus become one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s box in 2022 and beyond.

Passion, as a result, has become an evolved version of sponsorship.

An evolution, it can be argued, that was kickstarted 10 years ago in South Africa by Levergy Marketing Agency.

Levergy was founded in 2012 as an agency aiming to move the sponsorship marketing industry forward. Fast forward 10 years and they are now a part of the global M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment group, a level 1 BBBEE contributor and have partnered with leading local and international brands such as Nedbank, Telkom, SuperSport, Heineken, WWE, New Balance and Energade.

Levergy has become arguably South Africa’s only true passion marketing agency producing standout work across sport, entertainment and lifestyle.

“We saw a real need to drive a change in a method of sponsorship based on branding and logos,” said Struan Campbell, co-founder and CEO. “Through a creative approach we’ve been able to deliver work that drives clear results for brands by enabling engagement with their desired audiences in spaces where those audiences are open to brand connection.”

“In 10 years we’ve grown from purely helping our clients leverage sporting sponsorships to creating work which excites audiences through their passion for wine, food, gaming, music and more, both through sponsorship and owned/created properties/platforms. Through dedication to our vision, some of the leading talent in South Africa joining us on the journey and a belief in the power of passions to drive clear and measurable results, we now have a talent pool of nearly 50 of the industry’s leading minds who consistently deliver impact for our partners,” added Kieren Jacobsen, Levergy director.

A shift to creating brand solutions through creativity and consumer passions has resulted in Levergy producing some of the most impactful and effective work in local marketing in recent times – a fact acknowledged recently when the agency was awarded the prestigious Zinthatu Award at the Assegai Awards for consistently delivering excellent and effective work over a three year period.

“We are hugely excited and proud to have reached 10 years. I want to thank every client partner, supplier and ‘Levergist’ that has been a part of this journey. Here’s to another 10 years of connecting people to brands through the things they love,” concluded Campbell.

18 Nov 2022 13:27