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The Realm Group cooks for the greater good

The Realm Group, made up of Realm Digital and Snapplify, usually end off the year with a team-wide activity and celebration for the year's victories and successes.

This year we extended our tent pegs and hosted a potjiekos competition, with all the food being donated to a homeless shelter.

As sister-companies who share office space and certain resources, the aim was to create an opportunity for all staff to engage with one another in a way they don’t often get the chance to.

The Realm Group cooks for the greater good

Four teams were handed a box of ingredients along with everything they would need to produce a hearty pot of food. Once the competition was done and the winner was chosen, the teams proceeded to dish up the food.

We partnered with an organisation called Olympians Social Development and Education who collected the food and delivered it to two safe houses for abandoned children and another safe house for homeless adults. In total, we were able to feed more than 60 people.

The Realm Group cooks for the greater good

“It was inspiring to see how the teams rallied together to make sure that hungry mouths were fed. While there could only be one team to walk away as potjiekos competition winners, everyone felt like winners for doing good and giving back," says Jill Titus, Marketing Manager of Realm Digital.

The Group is hoping to make this an annual event.

4 Dec 2018 13:37