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Click, Click, Go!

The brand formerly known as Airlines SA approached Realm Digital to assist with their rebranding and repositioning strategy.
Click, Click, Go!

Powered by Travelstart, the booking tool allows you to search and compare flights on various local and international airlines. After comparing costs, the portal enables you to book your own flights.

We sat down with the founder, Tania De Jager to found out more about the ​newly rebranded online travel booking destination.

What brought about the need for a rebrand?

Our previous brand, Airlines SA was in dire need of a makeover. With the brand’s rapid expansion, we needed to explore a more flexible solution to allow for future services that our customers might require. The Airlines SA brand was quite limiting in terms of future expansion and with a few plans up our sleeves, we needed an umbrella brand. We want to make travel bookings easy, and for that you need one destination.

Why ClickClickGo?

Most things these days happens with a click or two. We shop, we read, we play, we communicate, we pretty much run our lives with the clicking of buttons - the click is  powerful.

Day to day tasks like banking and shopping have become easier and quicker to manage, and travel should be no different. The name resonates with travelers in the digital age.

The name conveys the simplicity of using our services and illustrates that it's safe, fast and reliable, as easy as click, click and go!

What inspired the new look?

The time was right to update the brand, change the name and give it a fresh new look, including a new logo and brand colours. We also wanted a completely new brand  identity. The screaming pink is happy, vibrant and modern, because planning a trip shouldn't be all that serious!

Realm Digital’s design studio created the new logo and brand identity taking into account the brand’s youthful nature. The vibrant pink will ensure the logo stands out against competitors and remains top of mind when it comes to travel requirements. Our team is excited to be working with this growing brand.

Visit ​ClickClickGo’s website​, and connect with them on ​Facebook​, ​Twitter ​and ​Instagram​.

29 Jun 2018 11:17