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How good are South African CEOs at building their brand in the media?

As critical figureheads, chief executive officers play a key role in how corporations are perceived by the public, and so it's vital that organisations keep their fingers on the pulse of CEO-focused media. Their presence in editorial and social media undoubtedly plays a crucial role in brand building. It is interesting to check the pulse of which of our South African leaders are at the forefront.
How good are South African CEOs at building their brand in the media?

With the help of media intelligence and the visualisation company Companion, Meltwater can map out which South African CEOs have the most extensive social echo month by month. In other words, present data on how the country's most prominent business leaders are taking up space in the stream and driving conversations in the media.

You can find the full dashboard here. The analysis provides benchmarks in five areas:

  • Digital footprint - total mentions per CEO in both editorial and social media
  • Investor excellence - mentions per CEO in IR contexts
  • Responsibility excellence - mentions per CEO in CSR contexts
  • Topic excellence - mentions per CEO in contexts beyond IR and CSR
  • Social excellence - mention per CEO on Twitter only

How good are South African CEOs at building their brand in the media?

The dashboard also looks at sentiment, i.e. whether the leader is mentioned in a positive or negative context. For example, looking at 2022, Sasol's Fleetwood Grobler tops the list of CEOs with the best visibility in South Africa, closely followed by R Maputa at MTN and then Arrie Rautenbach at Absa.

Grobler has been mentioned in discussions about #careosene, #themoneyshow, and #betterafricabetterworld, while R Maputa has been mentioned alongside words like #chogm2022 and #doinggoodtogether.

To find out more insights on South African CEOs you can access the dashboard here.

15 Nov 2022 12:28


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