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Why brands need high-quality broadcast ad monitoring in 2020 and beyond

If 2020 has proven one thing for marketers, it's that Covid-19 rapidly accelerated the need for digital innovation and strategies. It is now, more than ever, paramount to the success of any business that effective tracking of marketing KPIs is in place.
Why brands need high-quality broadcast ad monitoring in 2020 and beyond

With that in mind, Meltwater, the global leader in media intelligence, will now provide print and broadcast content, monitoring and tracking to the African market. This now allows Meltwater to provide a complete 360° solution that covers 1,150 print and 70 broadcast sources in Southern Africa.

Meltwater not only provides sentiment data analysis for brands, but it also offers ad tracking for both print and broadcast content, and Behind the Paywall content. But why would a brand need a solution like this for 2020 and beyond?

Track your digital ad and product placements

With the move to digital happening faster than anticipated in 2020, it’s important for brands to have an ad tracking solution to monitor advertorials and online product placements. This is especially valuable for brands that are customer-facing and need to have their ads placed alongside the right content for their target audience. Now, Meltwater not only tracks print and broadcast coverage in Southern Africa, but can also track 212 print sources across the rest of Africa.

As we all know, ‘content is king’. Meltwater now has the capability to help brands track their ad placements for both print and broadcast to ensure that advertorials are placed correctly and with the right content. And with the help of the company’s world-class sentiment analysis, gauging the reactions of audiences to your digital ads and product placements allows brands to engage in the conversation and react accordingly. 2020 has been the year where brands have needed to listen and actively engage with their audiences, especially on the topics that matter most to them. Meltwater is equipped to help brands achieve just that.

Gain a competitive advantage

With Meltwater providing Behind The Paywall content, this means that brands will have a complete 360° coverage to online content. In our digital world today, this gives brands a competitive advantage within their industry by having a product suite that ensures that they stay more than a few steps ahead of the curve.

In a similar way to how Meltwater’s media monitoring software helps brands gain competitor insights into their marketing efforts, brands can now keep an even closer eye on the advertisements and product placements of their competitors. With the accurate data and robust coverage that Behind The Paywall content provides, Meltwater is enabling brands in Africa to have a comprehensive overview of competitor benchmarking. Brands will no longer remain in the dark but will have the competitive advantage to propel themselves as leaders for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

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With 20 years of experience in the field of online media monitoring, Meltwater is a global leader in media intelligence and social analytics solutions, helping to bridge the gap between public relations, communications and marketing departments with an all-in-one solution powered by AI-driven insights. Over 30,000 of the world’s most respected brands rely on Meltwater to help inform their marketing and communications strategies and executive decision making.

With over 55 offices across six continents, Meltwater is a truly global partner with local customer success teams. Meltwater also supports the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), a nonprofit organisation devoted to nurturing future generations of entrepreneurs.

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