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Meltwater Digital Summit - PR meets marketing

Before, PR and marketing existed in separate spheres. PR meant engaging with media relations and crafting press releases while marketing meant increasing sales through brand awareness and visibility. Now, the digital landscape we once knew is dead, and the traditional roles of PR and marketing professionals have been left in the dust. And while the lines between PR and marketing may seem blurry, new challenges require us to constantly adapt and survive in order to thrive in our changing environments.

This means pooling our resources, broadening our understanding of social and news media and learning to navigate the complexities of modern campaign management. Because, at the end of the day, both PR and marketing play crucial roles in amplifying a brand’s message effectively.

But how is this possible when siloed teams are out of touch with one another and creating unnecessary complexities that mean double the output, double the reporting and double the support - thwarting sales efforts and increasing response times?

Meltwater is proud to be hosting its first Digital Summit where PR meets Marketing and has invited some of the world’s most respected communications and marketing leaders to bring their exclusive insights to the table.

Creating a brand that is successful in today’s digital world and marketplace means establishing a powerful identity and maintaining consistency across various online platforms. With this in mind, Meltwater has brought in a range of world-renowned and award-winning guest speakers to equip those with the insights needed to combine PR and marketing, and to put to practice what is needed to ensure that the brand identity and messaging remains consistent both online and offline.

With experts, like CMOs from Hubspot, Burger King and The Coca-Cola Company, Meltwater is bringing audiences a quality deep dive into why PR and marketing need to be integrated. With an increased focus on customer experience, it’s no longer sufficient to have PR and marketing operate in silos. But rather, it’s time to blend these two fields to not only stay competitive in the marketplace, but also to prove ROI and ensure that your key business metrics are met.

So join us, and get the tools you need to adapt and evolve to the new, more unified normal.

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Title: Meltwater Digital Summit
Theme: PR Meets Marketing
Date: Thursday, 16 July 2020
Time: 11am to 5pm CET
Cost: Free
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Meltwater Digital Summit - PR meets marketing

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