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Combining PR and content marketing to maximise results

There is a symbiotic relationship between PR and content marketing that PR agencies in the region should take advantage of to gain more credibility for their clients. Creating quality content has major benefits for a brand's search engine optimisation efforts, social media engagement, and its credibility. Additionally, offering content marketing services will make the role of PR even more vital to brands. There are several different routes you can take to make that happen.

Gain earned media

With the publishing freedom offered by social media, brands are becoming publishers in their own right and PR can effectively add to a brand’s owned content through content marketing. They can, for example, play an active role in writing blogs, posting thought leadership articles on Linkedin and relaying content through the brand’s social media channels to create greater engagement. By creating engaging content, you can establish the brand as the thought leader in its field of specialty and eventually the brand could become the go to resource for customers.

Optimise press releases

Press releases help to generate interest in a company’s products and services, they also have a role to play in SEO that generates traffic to your website. Press releases optimized with keywords help to improve search engine rankings. For instance, before drafting the press release think about the top five keywords that are applicable to the announcement in hand. When people search for these keywords, they will be directed to your press release which will give them the information they are looking for.

You can also enhance the release with video clips, infographics, and options for sharing the release on social networks.

Build traction with key influencers

Content marketing helps to build relationship with key influencers who are a vital target audience for PR programmes. Influencers have the power to boost your brand’s visibility and reach by sharing the content with their followers. You can also work with Influencers to co-create content. For example, an influencer can provide a quote that you could use in your press release to give it a third party perspective.

Monitoring content strategy

Just as important it is to create content, it is also important to monitor its effectiveness. Using media intelligence tools from Meltwater, it is possible to measure the effectiveness of your content. Our tools can help you to measure the reach, sentiment and overall impact your content has created. The sentiment of users talking about your brand can be measured through analyzing the conversations that your content has ignited online and on social.

By monitoring the total amount of retweets, likes, shares, comments and mentions, you will understand whether the content has created a buzz, and on what platforms and by who. This will help you to evaluate your content strategy to gain more followers.

19 Apr 2016 12:30


About Zubair Timol

Zubair Timol is the Partner and Area Director of India, Middle East & Africa at Meltwater. He joined the company during its startup phase, being trained in Oslo, Norway, under the tutelage of the CEO.

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