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The digital universe is expanding and evolving. Are you? Digital methods open new windows to engage with customers, employees, stakeholders and partners across the web, social and mobile much more efficiently...

This has contributed to the fact that we are living in what is being called the "Attention Economy". It is a world where we are flooded with information that is being pushed to us via multiple of communication channels. We are bombarded with messages and information that all compete for our attention. A shortage of ideas or talent is no longer our most desired resource any more, it is attention.

Cobbledick and Myers
Cobbledick and Myers

In such a cluttered landscape, getting up to speed with the changing customer behaviour and technologies is a massive task. Marketing teams grapple daily with the challenges of getting digital influence, guiding it and growing it. Thus, audience and customer engagement has become the primary and ultimate measurement of success in today's hyper-connected world.

Companies therefore cannot ignore the importance of a solid brand reputation strategy. The speed and breadth at which information can currently spread makes reputation management the number one priority in most companies today. Due to instant information sharing, one careless decision or action can damage a company's reputation in a matter of hours.

So, what does it take to successfully influence a brand's reputation in 2015? What digital trends are transforming corporate communication's strategy and how can we measure success?

To get answers to these questions, Meltwater Africa in association with would like to invite you to join us in getting some key tips and tricks on how to successfully influence Brand Reputation in 2015.

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Title: Africa: Successfully Influencing Brand Reputation - Gumtree
Date: Tuesday, 4 August 2015
Time: 12:00pm South Africa Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour



Claire Cobbledick - Head of Marketing, Gumtree South Africa
Claire has extensive experience in the marketing and advertising industry and now heads Gumtree South Africa's marketing activity. As the former Managing Director of The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town, she is well suited to her new role at Gumtree and respected in the industry, having been named one of the most admired agency bosses in Cape Town in 2013. In addition to her role at The Jupiter Drawing Room, Claire has also worked as a marketing manager for Red Bull South Africa and at a number of other advertising audience.

Heidi Myers - Marketing and Communications Director, Meltwater
Heidi is the Head of Marketing, EMEA at Meltwater. With 15 years+ experience in Sales and Marketing solutions, Heidi now specialises in demand gen, Marcom, Digital, PR, Events, Social, Email and driving significant growth for Meltwater.

28 Jul 2015 14:00


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