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Understanding and improving your brand

Brand tracking studies are an important tool in the day-to-day decisions brand managers make. They allow marketers to monitor a brand's health and adjust marketing programs.

Each brand faces different issues, which often require customised tracking surveys. Our client, The ROSE Foundation is a Non-Profit Company who represents several of the major oil lubricant marketers in South Africa. They manage the environmentally acceptable collection, storage and recycling of used lubricating oil in South Africa.

They were in the process of developing a major national communication campaign consisting of above-the-line advertising as well as PR and newsletter activities. We were required to design and conduct a national brand and advertising tracking study, including both qualitative and quantitative research, among key B2B target market sectors.

The key objectives were to provide media consumption and demographic information about the target customer for effective and efficient media planning. Thereafter, to test and provide feedback on the best advertising concepts that had been developed. Finally, after the marketing campaign launch, to measure on an ongoing basis: Brand and advertising awareness, perceptions and behaviour and with respect to oil storage and recycling.

We conducted personal interviews to better understand the target market demographics and media usage. These were undertaken across South African metropolitan areas amongst a quota sample to reflect the ROSE Foundation's target audience (an example being Owners or managers of Workshops and Vehicle fleets).

We then held focus group discussions as we wanted to gain insights into oil storage, disposal and recycling attitudes and behaviour. We also received important feedback on the best advertising concepts as well as suggestions on how the adverts could be more effective.

Finally we designed and implemented a brand and advertising tracking study to monitor the effectiveness and ROI of the marketing campaign.

The research has enabled the ROSE Foundation to develop a B2B marketing strategy, make more informed marketing and advertising decisions and helped to improve responsible oil collection and recycling in South Africa.

Understanding and improving your brand

About Insight Survey:

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