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Enter those winning campaigns

The Assegai Awards 2023 should be considered by anyone who seeks to be recognised and rewarded for their exceptional work in the digital realm.
Enter those winning campaigns

There are several reasons why entering the awards can be beneficial:

  1. Recognition: The Assegai Awards is a well-respected and prestigious award programme that recognises excellence in digital marketing and advertising. Winning an award can be a powerful way to showcase your skills and help you stand out from competitors.

  2. Building your brand: Winning an Assegai Award can help build your brand's credibility, especially if it's for a campaign that showcases the brand's commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, or quality.

  3. Network expansion: Participating in the Assegai Awards event, both as a nominee or an attendee, offers an excellent opportunity to network with professionals in the digital marketing industry. Networking is crucial in fostering professional relationships and, who knows, could lead to finding your next big collaboration opportunity.

  4. Sharpening your skills: Focusing on creating an award-winning campaign could help you sharpen your creativity and digital marketing skills. You'll walk away with an improved understanding of what works and what doesn't, insights that could be valuable in future campaigns.

In summary, participating in the Assegai Awards offers an amazing opportunity for professionals to gain recognition, build their brand, expand their network, and sharpen their skills.

8 Jun 2023 12:45