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Regent Business School celebrates the exceptional achievements of its first cohort of DBA graduates

Regent Business School (RBS) proudly celebrates a significant milestone with the graduation of its inaugural cohort of doctoral candidates. This historic achievement not only reflects the high standard of academic rigour at RBS but also shines a light on the extraordinary dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance of our students, who have committed years of their lives to advancing knowledge in their respective fields.
Regent Business School celebrates the exceptional achievements of its first cohort of DBA graduates

The journey of each doctoral candidate is a narrative of persistent pursuit and unwavering passion:

  1. Ryan Moodley undertook transformative research in Information Technology Service Management.
  2. Thelma Shange conducted an insightful study into the viability of home health care.
  3. Klaas Broodryk chose an innovative exploration of business innovation in turbulent environments.
  4. Anthony Diesel explored a framework for sustainable social entrepreneurship.
  5. Jitesh Lalaram laid out strategic modelling for private medical practices.

Each project represents not just academic excellence but also a personal story of commitment and sacrifice. These scholars have balanced the rigorous demands of their doctoral studies with personal and professional responsibilities, demonstrating an extraordinary level of dedication to their research.

Comment from the candidates

Jitesh Lalaram looked back on his DBA experience with RBS saying, “As I approach the end of this journey as one of the pioneering DBA graduates at Regent Business School, I find comfort in the knowledge that I’ve had the honour of participating in one of the most exceptional educational institutions, characterised by exceptionally high expectations and standards. My experience showcases the dynamic aspects, virtues, and even the beauty of being involved in education alongside Regent Business School, a prestigious institution of higher learning.”

Fellow inaugural DBA graduate, Ryan Moodley commented, “Embarking on the doctoral journey at Regent Business School was a defining moment academically and personally. The program challenged me to push beyond boundaries and discover new depths of knowledge and understanding. The journey was demanding, yet immensely rewarding, as each obstacle conquered fuelled my determination to excel. Throughout the process, Regent provided a supportive environment that fostered collaboration and intellectual curiosity. This milestone represents not only my personal achievement but also the collective achievement of perseverance and dedication. My doctoral journey has been a testament to the power of education to ignite change and unlock potential. As I continue to evolve professionally, I am grateful for the invaluable lessons and the lasting impact of this extraordinary experience fostered.”

After more than three decades working in the non-profit sector and obtaining an MBA from Regent Business School in 2014, the chance to pursue a DBA with his alma mater was irresistible to Tony Diesel, “Despite being over 60 years of age, this pursuit offered profound insights. I realised the vast expanse of available knowledge, encountered individuals eager to share their experiences, forged new friendships, and relearned the art of balancing work and study. The culmination of this endeavour promises not just academic success but a profound personal milestone - a testament to perseverance, curiosity, and the pursuit of knowledge.”

The success of this first DBA cohort is not just a measure of their academic prowess but a reflection of their resilience and the capacity to push boundaries in the face of challenges. Each thesis emerges as a remarkable example of innovation, showcasing the in-depth research and forward-thinking that define our academic community at RBS.

A historic milestone in the history of Regent Business School

Head of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme, Dr Kriyanka Moodley, describes this journey that encapsulates the collective spirit and support that drove this milestone, “Seeing our first cohort of doctoral candidates reach this milestone fills us with immense pride and exhilaration. Their journey has been one of not just intellectual growth but deep personal transformation. The sacrifices they have made, and the dedication shown to their research is inspirational. Supporting and guiding these exceptional minds has been a personal achievement. Their success is a testament to the vibrant academic community we have nurtured here at RBS, where every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every achievement a shared joy.”

Dean of research, Dr Ronel Blom, agrees and adds, “This is merely the beginning of a whole new chapter in the history of RBS. By producing scholars that make real contributions in terms of real-life problems, these pioneers have set the bar very high and will serve as an example for the many doctoral students in the pipeline. Regent Business School is well on its way to establishing itself as a Private Higher Education Institution that nurtures scholarly achievements and supports current and future leaders in business and research.”

Regent Business School extends heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to staff and community members, whose support has been invaluable in achieving this milestone. As part of the first cohort of doctoral graduates, they have all contributed to the legacy of academic excellence at Regent. This accomplishment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Doctoral Office and the success of this programme.

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9 May 2024 15:09