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How advertising on BusinessTech turbocharges South Africa’s leading e-commerce retailers

Top South African e-commerce retailers advertise their biggest sales on BusinessTech – and achieve huge success.
How advertising on BusinessTech turbocharges South Africa’s leading e-commerce retailers

South Africa’s e-commerce sector is thriving, with many local and international companies competing to capture significant market share.

E-commerce retailers must therefore advertise their largest sales aggressively to maximise each sale’s reach and revenue generation.

BusinessTech makes this affordable and effective, and South Africa’s leading e-commerce retailers achieve massive success by advertising their biggest sales on the site.

The country’s leading e-commerce companies often choose to run a combination of sponsored articles and display banners on BusinessTech to promote their sales.

The sponsored articles are used to promote each sale’s top deals – including each product’s key features and the huge price savings on offer.

These articles not only generate awareness and educate the market, they also send many potential customers directly to the e-commerce retailer’s website through embedded links.

All BusinessTech’s articles are posted to the homepage of BusinessTech, included in a daily email newsletter, and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – ensuring mass reach among our influential audience.

This reach is further augmented by run-of-site display banners, which generate additional awareness and allow for direct click-throughs to the e-commerce platform.

Huge success

E-commerce companies advertising with a combination of articles and banners see immediate and tangible results – making it an easy decision for them to book advertising campaigns on BusinessTech on a regular basis.

BusinessTech’s marketing team is ready to make your next big sale stand out by promoting it to our large audience of purchasing decision-makers - click here to contact the BusinessTech marketing team.

12 Mar 2024 13:04