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Mark1 Labs the only African business shortlisted for Global MMA Smarties Award

Mark1 is thrilled to announce that Mark1 Labs, their design division, is the only African organisation that has been shortlisted for the Global MMA Smarties™ Award this year. The local awards took place during Loeries Creative Week in Durban and was a sterling testament to the exciting mobile media landscape in South Africa. The MMA Smarties™ awards are the only global awards that are specifically focussed on mobile marketing. Mark1 is proud to be shortlisted with top mobile marketing innovators for the global award.

The Global event takes place on 26 September in New York.

“The Opel Adam (GM) campaign is one that we’re particularly proud of. We used rich media in a way that surpassed global benchmarks. All while keeping our local audience front of mind. We didn’t want data costs to get in the way of people being able to use the rich media ad unit so we made sure it was under 100kb but with full functionality.” - Brendan Sterley, Creative Director of Mark1 Labs.

Within the ad unit, a user is able to:

  • View the car in different colour options by swiping left/right.
  • Get a 360° view of the car.
  • Enjoy an interior tour, which is pannable by the user.
  • View the television commercial.
  • Interact using social media sharing as well as request a test drive and quote.
  • Locate their nearest dealership

Over two million [2,034,216] people saw the ad, of which nearly 12 thousand [11, 959] interacted with the unit for 26 seconds which is a whopping 12 seconds more than the global standard.

For a more in-depth look at the campaign, please view the entry here: [Game Changer - Opel Adam].

Mark1 Labs takes pride in being right at the leading edge of design. Always testing the limits and looking for new ways to make ad units which are “thumb stopping” and engage users in an organic way. Producing work that is world class isn’t an option but a requirement. Being the only African company shortlisted for the MMA Global Smarties™ Awards this year just affirms it.

Chris Babayode, MD MMA EMEA, commented, “We’ve seen a huge increase in entries from South Africa locally and within the EMEA region – in fact in both quantity and in the breadth and depth of creativity, innovation and effectiveness. It’s a great testament to continually have South African businesses and campaigns being recognised on the global stage.”

16 Sep 2016 15:57