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The importance of building strong relationships with event suppliers

When you've been in the industry for over 20 years, you learn again and again the importance of building and maintaining good relationships. This doesn't just apply to your clients but extends to your suppliers - especially if you plan to offer a reliable service or product that sets you apart from your competition. So, it's good to have numbers in your little black book that you know and trust to deliver - and make sure you're maintaining these relationships so that they always answer when you call. As event planners (and so, in many situations a 'middleman'), we know that you live and die on the service offering of suppliers, so at Worx Group, our approach has always been to build real partnerships with our trusted suppliers, and we've found that this benefits us in more ways than we can mention.
The importance of building strong relationships with event suppliers

Why is it necessary?

Running an event without suppliers is close to impossible and very few companies will own themselves every single product and service required for every single event. Not only is it good business sense to network and bring in outside ideas and experiences, but it takes a load off your shoulders as a planner when you have experts to lean on. Running a business or doing your job as a planner efficiently calls for collaborations and, because mistakes are expensive, you can’t afford to isolate yourself from those who can make your event happen with ease.

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25 Jun 2018 11:27