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Worx Group young talent: Meet Chandelle and Abigail

Internship programmes continue to assist in bridging the gap for graduates and individuals entering the workforce for the very first time. Not only does it equip them with the skills to do practical work, but it prepares them to operate in a working environment in a professional and ethical manner.
Worx Group young talent: Meet Chandelle and Abigail

Making an impact

As the opportunity company, we believe in creating an environment for individuals to learn, grow and hone their craft through our skills development program. You may have come across our previous blog about the Worx Group Internship Program and how it aims to contribute to the increased number of skilled applicants at entry level, and while we’re excited about creating these opportunities, we’re also thrilled about the young, bright minds we get to work with who come from different backgrounds with unique experiences. We call them young talents in our shop.

Worx Group young talent

Our young talents; Abigail, Chandelle, Thato and Merveille all have one thing in common: They have the Worx Group internship experience. We caught up with them to find out what their experience has been from when they started their internship with us to where they are now as well as what it takes to be a young member of the Worx squad.

Click on the link to read about their experience:

22 May 2018 11:10