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Using technology to personalise your event experience

We're well into 2018, and when it comes to event trends for this year, it's no surprise that we're seeing 'personalisation' popping up again and again.
Using technology to personalise your event experience

In an age of instant information and constant smartphone connectivity, today’s event guests expect personalisation at all times, and this has never been more relevant than it is in the event space. It’s not surprising: When guests log on to social media they’re served photographs and posts that have been specifically selected for them, when they shop online their homepage is filled with suggestions of items they might want to buy, and even watching TV through services like Netflix will result in a personalised selection of ‘recommended’ shows to binge next. But while personalisation in the age of technology might be easy enough online, it’s much harder to translate into the physical world…

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7 May 2018 13:04