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Unique programme to put leaders into new headspace

The UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB), as part of its drive to be relevant and part of movement towards innovation, creativity and sustainability in business and leadership, will run a unique programme this June to spark a transformation in individuals that will widen their perspectives and give them new insights into solving complex challenges.

The course, called Full Colour Thinking, is an executive education programme running from 1 to 3 June and it is ideal for anyone who is committed to personal development, and would like to develop the ability to transform the existing order in their lives and organisations in order to drive innovation.

"Social issues are tough and, as we haven't got the recipe right for solving these pressing concerns, perhaps it is time for thinking that breaks the mould. The old ways of doing are almost obsolete and so are the old ways of thinking. We stand at a unique point in human history with exciting possibilities for individuals and organisations," says Professor Walter Baets, Director of the UCT Business School and programme director of the short course.

"Leaders in business and government need to somehow be brought into this new headspace. They are after all at the forefront of the fight to rectify these issues. They set the behavioural patterns the rest of us come to emulate," he said.

The UCT Graduate School of Business has itself internalised the idea of full colour thinking and the school is internationally recognised for its innovative programmes and courses. The short course Full Colour Thinking takes insights from management theory and practice, combining them with ancient spiritual wisdom, complexity theory, quantum mechanics, living-system biology and mind-body healing to literally transform people from one-dimensional thinkers into multi-dimensional visionary leaders with a hunger to make changes.

"If leaders could see differently, if they could see without filters - accepting the entire spectrum - they would see more options, they would become more creative in finding solutions; imagine the difference it could make in education and healthcare. To have a broader view and to ask deep fundamental questions, leaders need to be freed from the pale paradigms that constrain their thinking and start to see things in bright full colour; much like inventors," said Baets.

Delegates will develop the ability to think more rigorously about the challenges they face, while growing in intellectual curiosity, professionalism, ethical understanding, confidence and creativity. Learning to practice self-awareness and mindfulness, participants of the course gain insight into the latest holistic management concepts that allow for sustainable development and enhanced performance.

According to Baets, people will leave the programme with exciting new ideas and concepts as well as the competence to translate these into daily management practice.

For more information please contact Alison Siebritz on 021 406 1490 or SMS "Colour" to 31497.

28 Apr 2011 12:29