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'Build': An artistic collaboration by UCT Graduate School of Business with Faatimah Mohammed-Luke

Building futures through transformative learning
'Build': An artistic collaboration by UCT Graduate School of Business with Faatimah Mohammed-Luke

The UCT Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) has partnered with Cape Town based designer and tessellation artist Faatimah Mohamed-Luke to create an interactive building block creative campaign, entitled ‘Build’.

“The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of UCT GSB’s offering among corporate decision makers to demonstrate our approach to business education,” says Darren Ravens, Marketing Manager at UCT GSB. “The interactive ‘Build’ pack was created to launch our 2019 brand campaign and communicate that the UCT GSB gives you the building blocks for your future through transformative learning.”

'Build': An artistic collaboration by UCT Graduate School of Business with Faatimah Mohammed-Luke

“The ‘Build’ pack is part of a holistic brand campaign which we will expand upon during the year with various touch points.” he says.

“Much like UCT GSB’s approach to transformative learning, the ‘Build’ pack, invites you to challenge and question everything in order to find new ways of doing things,” he explains. “The idea had to stimulate thought and needed to be fun and playful. We wanted something that would encourage the user to think about their leadership building journey.”

“In Faatimah we found someone who is not only a multi-faceted artist but also an entrepreneur who actively applies the business skills she has fostered for over a decade,” Ravens says. “She is an incredible artist and before her move into the artworld, she was one of the founding partners of a successful design brand.”

'Build': An artistic collaboration by UCT Graduate School of Business with Faatimah Mohammed-Luke

He says that she looks at challenges holistically and places enormous value in equipping herself with the necessary skills to succeed; she has honed her skills after spending a decade in fashion and her shift from fashion to focus on art has seen her working with new materials and re-imagining those materials in a new way to create her large-scale tessellation pieces, which have become globally recognised.

“Innovation in itself is not enough, an idea should mature and manifest into an actual business – one that is profitable, sustainable and progressive,” he adds. “Faatimah’s move to the arts has been successful and she is achieving global recognition by taking her business learnings and skills and applying them in a new area of expertise.”

About the ‘Build’ Pack

The pack includes three different colour variations of plastic building blocks with 3 limited edition prints by the artist, and a booklet with instruction manual to build a replica of the old Breakwater Prison Turret.

“Re-imagining this iconic UCT GSB building through different designs is symbolic of looking at the old ways of doing things and changing it up for the future,” says Ravens. “The distinct patterns are in line with the themes of growth, innovation and learning for the recipient to create.”

“The UCT GSB understands that organisational training interventions should have relevant impact on people’s performance, as well as the bottom line.”

UCT’s Graduate School of Business is no ordinary business school. “It wields a reputation for innovation and excellence and is rated as Africa’s top business school, which places it amongst the best in the world,” Ravens says. “Our customised programmes are high-impact learning solutions that are custom-designed to help organisations meet their particular challenges and generate positive business outcomes.”

"We encourage recipients to build their own and share them with us, we are interested to see how future business leaders and current leaders engage with this pack.”

Follow the BUILD collaboration on Facebook and Twitter using #BuildUCTGSB and explore the innovative utility ideas for the Turret.

View the time-lapse video here:

23 Apr 2019 17:15