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Tradeway team creates Castrol Performance Lab football experience

Tradeway played a pivotal role in the success of the Castrol Performance Lab, an experiential football nerve centre that immerses guests in the core Castrol brand proposition. Castrol and BP local and international guests were hosted prior to Confederations Cup Matches at six events at the Urban Tree Venue in Kramerville, Sandton, where Tradeway provided well-trained game managers and hostesses to ensure guests fully experienced the high-tech centre. Loudfire executed the construction, installation and finish to the Lab and produced the full food and beverage experiential.
The Castrol Performance Lab
The Castrol Performance Lab

Guests entered the units up to three hours before match kick off, moving freely around the Lab to either watch or participate in a range of challenging football games which enable guests to pit their skills against leading footballers, including Batak, Mindball and Dribble Challenge. Building on the proposition of performance, guests were able to learn and test their own game in a variety of activities throughout the unit.

“Our teams were there to make sure that every guest left having had a personal, positive and informed experience,” says Michelle Francis, Managing Director of Tradeway. “With the Lab being a live experience venue, we needed to encourage all guests to take part and experience the technology, understanding the principles of performance and linking this to the Castrol brand. Tradeway staff effectively explained the activities on offer and the science and technology behind them.”

The Tradeway team of promoters at the Castrol Performance Lab
The Tradeway team of promoters at the Castrol Performance Lab

Staff for the coordination of the games was split into two streams - Drivers, tasked with seeking out people who were interested in learning about the experience and its relevance to football and the Castrol brand; and Mechanics, who provided a personal touch to the guest experience by hosting the games and offering demonstrations and encouragement to the guests.

Each activity delivered a core product brand message which related the high performance of Castrol products Edge and Magnatec, linking Castrol's high performance ability to high performance in football. Guests had the opportunity to view Castrol Index technology, which assesses the impact each move has had on a team's ability to score or concede a goal and how that affects their chances of winning the tournament, providing fans with real insights into what it takes to deliver winning performances.

“The aim is that each guest who enters the Performance Lab has learnt something new about Castrol - Performance - Football, the core brand proposition, even if they haven't taken part,” says Matt Walker of Avery Walker, consultants to Castrol UK. “The technology on offer was complemented by an enthusiastic team of promoters from Tradeway, which helped define the ultimate guest experience of the Castrol brand. We look forward to delivering more of these effective experiential activations for the FIFA 2010 World Cup.”

7 Oct 2009 13:40