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Top reasons you should be implementing experiential marketing

Traditional advertising has had its day. In fact, it still works rather well for many companies, but there's a new kid on the block and it's high time everyone gave it some attention! Who's the new kid? It's experiential marketing. While this type of interactive and highly personalised marketing strategy wows the rest of the world, you might be lagging behind a little. Still haven't found a reason to use experiential marketing in your advertising campaign/strategy?

Here are a few reasons why you should be:

  • It creates something tangible, memorable! Nothing is better remembered than a great experience. If you give your customers something to feel and see, they will share that personal experience and their opinion with others. That’s a great way to earn credibility: through great experiences.

  • It opens up the floor for a two-way conversation. Nothing helps both you and your consumers more than interacting with them on a personal level and finding out what they want and need. With a product in their hands and an experience at their disposal, they can have an immediate reaction, which you can gage and translate into very useful data for future campaigns and product development.

  • You can almost guarantee a call to action being successful. Once a customer has had a great experience with your brand or service, the next step is to get in touch and find out more. The better the experience, the more chance you will have of customers visiting your Facebook page, Tweeting about the experience or sending you an email for more information. Make the experience fun – it will make a lasting impression.

  • Your consumers will appreciate the effort. There’s nothing more impressive than a company and brand that is willing to take a risk to win you over. Whether your objective is to pass out samples or get clients to provide you with responses to their ideas, it’s important that you do so with charisma and flair. When you’re out there creating an experience, there’s no room for boring displays and disinterested promo staff. Make the effort and your consumers will respond positively.

Experiential marketing services from Tradeway

Heard all you need to? Are you ready to get started with experiential marketing? At Tradeway we offer professional marketing services to companies of all sizes and descriptions. If you want to get ahead and earn the interest and respect of your customers, learn more about our experiential marketing ideas today! Contact us via email or telephone at Tradeway for more information and advice.

17 Jun 2016 13:44