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Tenthavenue and TNS partner to launch mFluence, the 360° global path-to-purchase planning tool

A cloud-based planning tool that gives unparalleled insight into how to engage with consumers based on their behaviour across different channels
tenthavenue, WPP's connected audience activation and product company, in partnership with TNS has announced the launch of mFluence, the global planning insight tool developed by mobile marketing agency Joule and global research agency TNS.

mFluence utilises data from TNS's Connected Life survey, a study of 55,000 internet users across 50 markets, which offers essential insight into the impact of the growing digital ecosystem on the media landscape. Owned by tenthavenue, this proprietary system enables the survey data to be pivoted in multiple ways, delivering over 24 billion different data permutations to address almost any planning question with unequalled depth and understanding.

mFluence gives media planners the ability to understanda series of complex data points - such as consumer behaviour across multiple markets, demographics, social economic groups, consumer segments and product purchase - through a series of in-depth filters,and then shape and articulate these into actionable media planning insights.

It reveals how paid, owned and earned media channels impact directly on a consumer's decision to purchase products and engage with brands, and how this behaviour differs between online and offline. In addition, it empowers media planners to cluster audience segments based on actions, behaviours and activities. This means planners can determine the correct content and channel strategy to target consumers at the point where brand interactions will have the biggest purchase decision impact.

mFluence has been in 'beta' with global market leader Unilever since Nov 2013, and according toJay Altschuler, Director of Global Media, has since become their 'connected-device centralised planning methodology' across the world.

Rupert Day, CEO of tenthavenue said: "mFluence was developed in order to directly address client 'path to purchase' media planning needs. We saw the opportunity to build an incredibly powerful tool that gives planners actionable, data driven insights at the beginning of the planning process, resulting in more successful campaigns across any market."

Jonathan Sinton, Digital Director, Global Accounts at TNS, said: "Joule and tenthavenue have taken our Connected Life insights and transformed them into a powerful brand planning tool for the media industry. mFluence will help brands understand the digital consumer, and how they engage with different categories at different moments of the day. This launch is an exciting development, providing brands with the precision insights they need to connect with their consumer, at the right time on their journey."

22 Sep 2014 13:57



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