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Millward Brown Vermeer opens regional office in South Africa

Millward Brown, a global leader in brand, media and communications research, announces the opening of its brand and business strategy consultancy practice in South Africa. The unit, Millward Brown Vermeer, will service clients across the Africa and the Middle East region.
Millward Brown Vermeer opens regional office in South Africa

Millward Brown Vermeer works with the world's leading CMOs and brands to align the "why, what and how" of marketing strategy to drive brand-led business growth, combining strategy consulting and marketing practitioner expertise to create a "whole-brain" advisory offer for clients. Areas of expertise include Segmentation, Market Sizing, Market Entry Strategy, Brand Valuation, and Marketing and Sponsorship ROI.

Millward Brown Vermeer was formed by the combination of Millward Brown's consulting unit, Millward Brown Optimor, with recently-acquired global marketing strategy consultancy firm, EffectiveBrands.

"As customers, employees and investors demand increased transparency and value from companies, business leaders face unprecedented complexity and disruption," said Mario Simon, CEO, Millward Brown Vermeer. "With the formation of Millward Brown Vermeer, we are strengthening and expanding our offer to help organisations answer the key questions that unleash brand-led business growth and ensure that the resulting strategies are implemented effectively around the world. We look forward to partnering with our clients in Africa and the Middle East."

Millward Brown Vermeer opens regional office in South Africa

Millward Brown Vermeer, Africa and Middle East (AME) will be led by Nicki Cunliffe who has worked with the Millward Brown group in a global role for several years, based in New York and Shanghai. Most recently Nicki has returned to South Africa and is eager to bring her vast international experience and learnings back to her country of birth as she embarks on building the AME business.

Charles Foster, MD, Millward Brown Africa and Middle East commented, "We are delighted to bring Millward Brown Vermeer's high level consultancy skills to the region, spearheaded by globally experienced Vermeer professionals. Their unique approach to unleashing brand-led business growth is underscored by its top client portfolio."

Millward Brown Vermeer's thought leadership includes the Marketing2020 study, the most global and comprehensive CMO research programme in the market, as well as the annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking.

Millward Brown Vermeer serves clients globally with offices in Amsterdam, Cape Town/Johannesburg, London, Mexico City, New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

For enquires about Millward Brown Vermeer AME please contact:
Nicki Cunliffe -

17 Jul 2014 13:53


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