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Safrea and Gentle Reminders Club support prompt payment of freelancers

Recognising the need to encourage clients to settle invoices timeously, the Southern African Freelancers' Association has put its name behind a business community service that works to do just that.

Developed by local tech entrepreneur Scott Cundill, the Gentle Reminders Club is a free tool that uses payment reminder templates, ratings and emoticons to help persuade organisations to pay on time, every time.

The service helps chase invoices in a positive, friendly way, and freelancers can reward fast-paying clients with an excellent rating on the Gentle Reminders website.

All too often, freelance media professionals in South Africa are faced with late or non-payment of invoices. The Gentle Reminders Club seeks to put a stop to this, operating on the principle that businesses take steps to protect their reputation.

More information on the service can be found by visiting the SAFREA website or Gentle Reminders Club.

1 Mar 2018 11:39