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On the Dot Media Logistics offers a reliable end-to-end media supply chain solution, reaching over 15 000 retail customers, 2500 informal and spaza retailers and delivers to more than 100 000 subscribers nationally. As market leaders in South Africa's print media industry, OtD distributes 95% of magazines and 68% of newspapers. We are proven experts in the development and execution of circulation strategies that increase our customers' success by improving market penetration, positioning and sales.

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Let SLiMS take your products to market
All businesses - ranging from small to large - begin with an entrepreneur who has a great idea. Usually, that idea is for a product that solves a problem or meets a market need. The entrepreneur might have the technical expertise to design and manufacture a great product, but the secret of building a sustainable business lies in getting that product to a customer base. 19 Apr 2022 Read more

Mags4Me - home of your favourite international magazines - powered by On the Dot
Multi-Channel Marketing, a division of On the Dot, is proud to announce its new and exciting Facebook page, Mags4Me. This page will allow readers to know when and where their favourite imported international magazines, part works and collectables (build your own scale models with each edition) will hit the shelves. Readers will be able to use a "store locator" to help them find their magazine at their nearest store and have an option to be notified when the latest issue will be in store and, in the near future buy a print copy of the magazine online. 21 Apr 2021 Read more

On the Dot Diamond Awards
On the Dot hosted their annual Diamond Awards Gala at the Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre on the evening of 1 November 2018. 5 Nov 2018 Read more

Catalogues, are they still effective?
The use of printed catalogues and pamphlets by businesses around the world and in particular South Africa, is a long standing tradition dating back as far as 1498. This is when Aldus Pius Manutius in Venice, Italy, produced the very first catalogue to promote all the books his printing press were producing. Since that day the success of catalogues has been consistent. 8 Aug 2018 Read more

On the Dot supports KanyeKanye - driven to do good, whilst doing good business
On the Dot's relationship with KanyeKanye started last year when they (OtD) were sourcing creative 'thank you gifts' for their clients. The Headlines brand makes use of unsold newspapers and creates products rolled from the newsprint. They have trained 22 previously unskilled people in Gauteng on how to make the components, which are then assembled and finished at their factory in Randburg. On the Dot had purchased some stunning photo frames made out of rolled newspaper. "This year we needed conference bags (gift bags) which was something that they did not do, but it made perfect sense to add this to their collection of product designs. On the Dot again supported this great initiative and allowed them to take their time to test designs and come back with a solid product," says Dalene Muller, Commercial Manager - Marketing, On the Dot. 28 Jun 2018 Read more

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