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Off the Shelf has a proven track record of growing and transforming companies into market leading brands in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Of landmarks and brand marks
For the renovation of historical dwellings or monuments over a certain age, permission is required to assess heritage significance, cultural impact and other criteria that will ensure their protection for future generations. Even if the landmarks in question are privately owned, sensitive restoration is deemed to be in the public interest. 19 Feb 2019 Read more

Meet the brand parents
The home logo test confirms it! The news that you're expecting. In the months to come the cluster of pixels that is your logo-to-be, will be taking form. You will likely experience a variety of labour pains, but be warned fewer than five percent of logos actually arrive on their due date. 24 Jan 2019 Read more

Position, position, position
Most people are familiar with the real estate mantra "position, position, position", referring to the position of a property being one of the key factors dictating potential value when a property is up for rental or sale. 23 Jan 2019 Read more

Design is the difference between a street and great street
This article appeared in the Cape Times letters page in response to Rory William's Man About Town column entitled "Can we make Adderley Street into an attraction itself?" which ended with a plea for "new ways of thinking which could be applied across Cape Town". 26 Aug 2013 Read more

A sense of belonging - bite-size lessons from the Big Apple
Most people would not consider an information board an ideal subject for a holiday snap. Following a two week trip, Terry Levin unpacks how a simple sign on a bridge proves New York is still the Granddaddy of World Design capitals. 5 Aug 2013 Read more

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