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OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Our mission is to let our extraordinary users enjoy the beauty of technology.
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A new era of interconnected devices to increase productivity
The future of technology that we have envisioned is fast changing with developments that were unheard of at least 20 to 30 years ago, such as smartphones that can scan a user's face and give them their health diagnoses. Well, the future exists today. 16 May 2024 Read more

The influence of wearable tech on fitness culture
In the years post the pandemic, health and well-being are not just aspirations but essential components of a modern lifestyle, and wearable technology has emerged as a key player in shaping fitness culture. The rise of wearable tech reflects a broader societal shift towards a more proactive and informed approach to health, highlighting the importance of data-driven decisions in personal well-being. 24 Apr 2024 Read more

Introducing the Oppo Pad Neo: The ultimate integration into the Oppo ecosystem
Oppo, a global leader in innovative technology, proudly announces the launch of its newest product, the Oppo Pad Neo. This cutting-edge device showcases Oppo’s commitment to technological advancement and integrates seamlessly into the broader ecosystem, offering users a comprehensive and interconnected digital experience. 5 Apr 2024 Read more

Oppo to introduce IoT and AI Product Ecosystem to South Africa
Oppo, a leading global smart device brand, is excited to announce its focus on the internet of things (IoT) ecosystem with its products for 2024 in the South African market. For those new to the concept, IoT refers to the interconnected network of physical devices that can collect and exchange data, enabling smart and automated user experiences. This initiative is set to redefine connectivity and innovation in the region, aligning with Oppo's vision of a seamlessly connected world. 14 Mar 2024 Read more

Oppo launches Oppo Watch X in South Africa
Leading global technology company Oppo today launched its new flagship smartwatch – Oppo Watch X, a trusted companion designed to elevate every moment in life with dual-frequency GPS and multiple exclusive fitness monitoring features. And enabled by a dual-engine architecture and hybrid interface by Wear OS by Google™, Watch X has industry-leading endurance with up to 100 hours of battery life. Additionally, the watch gets up to 12 days with Power Saver Mode. With Wear OS 4, the latest version of the platform, Watch X comes with smart connectivity and Google Play’s extensive app ecosystem. 8 Mar 2024 Read more

Oppo unveils a series of AI innovations at MWC24
Leading global technology company Oppo today introduced its commitment to developing the next generation of AI technology and presented a number of groundbreaking products and technologies at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC). 29 Feb 2024 Read more

Oppo unveils new Oppo Air Glass 3 at MWC 2024, showcasing innovative initiates in the era of AI
    Marking a significant breakthrough in XR, Oppo Air Glass 3 can access Oppo's AndesGPT model via a smartphone app for generative AI capabilities.
  • Oppo has established the Oppo AI Center and released the Oppo AI Smartphone White Paper as it continues to explore the forefront of AI development and implementation.
  • Oppo, AlpsenTek, and Qualcomm Technologies have debuted new Hybrid Vision Sensing technology featuring AI Motion that is set to deliver new breakthroughs in image deblurring and high frame rate slow motion video on mobile phones.
  • Oppo devices, including the Oppo Find X7 Ultra, and innovative features, including the new AI Eraser, are also being showcased at MWC 2024.
 28 Feb 2024 Read more

Oppo A79 unveiled: A perfect blend of style and performance
Oppo is thrilled to introduce the Oppo A79 5G to the South African market, a smartphone designed with the country's dynamic and content-hungry audience in mind. Catering to the elevated multimedia needs of South Africans, the A79 5G features an innovative sunlight display and immersive dual stereo speakers, ensuring an unparalleled audio-visual experience that resonates with the lifestyle of the modern South African user. 6 Feb 2024 Read more

Oppo unveils ColorOS 14: An advanced Android 14 upgrade
Oppo is excited to announce the launch of ColorOS 14, its latest operating system based on Android 14. This significant update introduces an array of features, including an optimised Aquamorphic Design, AI-driven enhancements, and comprehensive performance upgrades. Since its inception in 2013, ColorOS has amassed over 600 million global monthly active users, continuously evolving to offer exceptional user experiences. ColorOS 14 is available for various popular Oppo devices such as the Oppo Find N3 Flip, Oppo A57s, Oppo A57, Reno8 Pro 5G, Reno10 Pro+ 5G, Reno10 5G, Oppo A98, and Oppo A77. This rollout brings an array of improvements and new functionalities, further enriching the user experience. 1 Feb 2024 Read more

Stay connected to the world with extended battery life
In a technology-driven world where connectivity is paramount, smartphone users have long been plagued by the limitations of battery life. Based on research conducted by Strategic Analytics, the average timeframe for individuals worldwide to upgrade their smartphones is typically every two to three years. However, it is important to note that some people may find themselves needing to upgrade more frequently due to various factors, with a dead battery being the most common reason. 29 Jan 2024 Read more

Mobile office renaissance: Oppo Reno 10 Pro+ 5G redefining business on the go
In today's dynamic business environment, the ability to work from anywhere has become a game-changer. Whether you're a business owner, a sales executive, or a consultant, having the right tools at your disposal is essential for staying competitive and seizing opportunities on the go. With businesses embracing the flexibility of remote work and on-the-go operations, the role of technology in facilitating this transition cannot be overstated. 26 Jan 2024 Read more

Introducing the spectacular Oppo A58
Oppo, a leading smartphone manufacturer, is delighted to announce the arrival of the Oppo A58, the latest addition to its esteemed A series lineup. This remarkable smartphone boasts an impressive 6.72-inch FHD+ sunlight display, upgraded dual stereo speakers, and powerful performance to elevate the entertainment experience for diverse scenarios. With advanced features such as the 33W SuperVOOC™ charging, a long-lasting 5000mAh large battery, intuitive ColorOS 13.1, and a sleek design, the Oppo A58 ensures reliable performance and style tailored to fit any dynamic lifestyle. 18 Dec 2023 Read more

Oppo launches the A38 in South Africa
Designed to capture life’s moments perfectly 6 Dec 2023 Read more

Oppo celebrates 3 years and smashes all targets
Three years of unstoppable growth and expansion across Southern Africa. 25 Oct 2023 Read more

Oppo South Africa announces 50 Oppo Reno Academy bursaries for young women
Oppo South Africa, has announced an offer to award 50 Reno Academy Bursaries to young women in the Amy Foundation entrepreneurship development programme. The Reno Academy is Oppo's training programme intended to enable aspiring photographers, content creators and creatives with the photographic skills they need to succeed in the creator and art economy. 25 Oct 2023 Read more

Oppo Find N3 and Find N3 Flip smartphones launch globally unlocking a new level of foldable excellence
  • Oppo Find N3 and Find N3 Flip launched in global markets
  • Both phones introduce breakthrough technologies in their category
 24 Oct 2023 Read more

Redefining South Africanism: A conversation on identity, diversity and progress
Rich Minisi and Chrispin Phiri share insights on South African identity in a changing world. 13 Sep 2023 Read more

7 reasons you should switch to a flip phone
Haven't you heard? Flip phones are making a comeback. Okay, maybe you've heard that a lot for the past couple of years, and it never really stuck. Some might say they're too flimsy, expensive, and or gimmicky. 4 May 2023 Read more

Designers Enhle Mbali and Hangwani Nengovhela join Jacques van der Watt to illuminate technology as an art form thanks to OPPO
As fashion lovers continue to embrace shopping, connecting with their favourite brands and showing off their favourite outfits on their phones, it is clear that technology is intrinsic to how we stylishly connect. 18 Apr 2023 Read more

Springboks pick up OPPO as official handset partner
The Springboks and OPPO are proud to announce the start of a new strategic partnership which will see one of the world's leading technology brands as the team's new official handset partner. A partnership with shared ambitions and winning spirit which will merge both technology and sports brands combining their shared ethos to connect with fans through their passions and enhance their experiences. 15 Mar 2023 Read more

OPPO goes premium: The Find N2 Flip flagship launches in South Africa
OPPO is set to bring the Find N2 Flip - a luxurious premium foldable mobile device that blends style and the best of technology - to the South African market for the first time in April 2023. 1 Mar 2023 Read more

OPPO launches the new A78 5G
OPPO today announced the launch of the new A78 5G, classified as one of the most affordable world class technology smartphones in the South African market. 9 Feb 2023 Read more