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CBI-electric: low voltage Press Office
CBI-electric: low voltage is a supplier of quality low voltage electrical distribution, protection and control equipment.
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Outsmarting Eskom's proposed demand side management solution
South Africa is currently experiencing longer power outages due to components within the transmission and distribution network failing as a result of load shedding, prompting Eskom to suggest replacing the current load shedding model with a demand side management approach. "This will place the responsibility back on the user to manage their electricity consumption through behavioural changes, but how will it impact South Africans on a day-to-day basis?" asks Dr Andrew Dickson, engineering executive at CBI-electric: low voltage. 28 Jun 2023 Read more

Unearthed electricity: The shocking consequences
Dangerous contact with electricity resulted in 34 accidents on South African construction sites, leading to the death of one person and four being permanently disabled in 2022. "Even one death is one too many," says Dr Andrew Dickson, engineering executive at CBI-electric: low voltage. 24 Apr 2023 Read more

10 tips to help your business survive spiralling electricity costs
All indicators point to 2023 being another year that South Africa will be required to operate in the face of a very challenging energy-constrained environment. Additionally, spiralling energy costs will drive an immediate cashflow crunch for businesses, and surging inflation is going to cause a spending slowdown. It's time to batten down the hatches... and have a plan. Whether this is saving electricity, using it more smartly, or generating their own, SA business has to have a plan now, before the crunch hits. 1 Mar 2023 Read more

How South Africans can save electricity, money and the planet
The World Economic Forum says that the carbon footprint of homes represents around 20% of all global CO2 emissions, with the residential sector expected to become the most prominent electricity consumer by 2050. This renders households key actors in reaching the 1.5?°C goal laid out under the Paris Agreement which was reaffirmed as part of the Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan discussed at COP27. As the globe experienced its fifth-warmest September-November period in a 143-year record, it is imperative for everyone to play their part. 31 Jan 2023 Read more

Power surge protection or no claims say insurers: How to ensure you're covered
In 2022, South African short-term insurers reported a 60% increase in claims for destruction to people's property due to power surges as a consequence of load shedding. Now, some of these companies are demanding that homeowners have a surge protection device (SPD) installed or else they won't be able to claim for damage caused by a power surge. 14 Dec 2022 Read more

Meet the company making SA homes smarter
By 2026, 573.7 million households worldwide will have smart home devicesi, 19 million of which will be South Africanii. To help make more South African homes smarter, sooner, CBI-electric: low voltage has recently launched its IoT (internet-of-things) home automation range, called the Astute Range. 31 Oct 2022 Read more