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Cognitive and sleep supplements boost South Africa’s supplements market
Globally and locally, the Supplements market is being energised by a rising demand for products that improve cognitive and sleep functioning, as consumers increasingly focus on enhancing cognitive and mental well-being. As a result, there has been an influx of innovative Supplement products offering a variety of cognitive benefits, which include both enhancing and boosting performance, as well as consumer mental health, in terms of relieving anxiety, stress and improving sleep, amongst other benefits. 3 Jul 2024 Read more

Are functional vitamins enhancing South Africa’s vitamins industry?
Worldwide, industry players are having to continually align with the capricious needs of consumers, due to busier lifestyles and shifting preferences. These consumer demands have spurred the development of numerous vitamin products, offering functional benefits tailored to address daily consumer stressors. These innovative vitamin products also offer increased convenience to consumers with busy lifestyles and non-traditional vitamin preferences, which is helping to drive the growth of the global and South African vitamins industry. 26 Jun 2024 Read more

Are topical products helping to boost South Africa’s analgesics market?
Globally, consumers are seeking convenient, effective, and safe Analgesic products, capable of alleviating a wide variety of joint and muscular pain, as a result of intensive work outs, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and sedentary lifestyles, among others. Topical Analgesics, such as patches, creams, and gels, are becoming a popular alternative to traditional oral consumable Analgesics, by offering quick and effective relief for these aches and pains, thereby helping to drive demand in the Analgesics market. 19 Jun 2024 Read more

Are innovative formats driving South Africa’s allergy care market?
As the prevalence of allergy-related symptoms and conditions, particularly allergic rhinitis, continues to increase exponentially, consumers are seeking more convenient and efficient solutions to cope with the impact of these allergies and improve their overall quality of life. As a result, there are an increasing number of players pivoting towards the development and introduction of different nasal spray products, which are positioned as being a safe, effective, and convenient way of managing allergy symptoms. 12 Jun 2024 Read more

How are mobile platforms and the metaverse driving SA’s long-term insurance industry growth?
Following the significant increase in premium volumes of 9.1% in 2021, due to a strong recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the global long-term (life) insurance industry contracted by 3.1% in 2022, based on the erosion of consumer savings and nominal premium growth during the year. 6 Mar 2024 Read more

Multi-strain products supporting South Africa’s probiotics market culture
Both globally and locally, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits associated with probiotics, resulting in growing demand and innovation in the probiotics industry. With this, market players have been launching new probiotic products that offer multiple benefits, over and above gut health, through the incorporation of multiple strains and added functional ingredients. These multi-strain and combination probiotic products are also supporting the South African market, by offering consumers well-rounded products that address a variety of issues. 22 Nov 2023 Read more

Bridging the gap: Embedded insurance trending in SA's short-term insurance industry
Globally, the concept of embedded insurance has become increasingly popular in the short-term insurance industry, by making the purchase of insurance more attractive, streamlined, personalised, and an intuitive part of the buying process for various products and services. Embedded insurance allows consumers to purchase insurance on the website or app they are using, without having to directly approach insurance companies. General examples of this trend include purchasing travel insurance when booking a plane ticket and giving consumers the option to purchase insurance tailored to the specific car they are buying. 15 Nov 2023 Read more

Sustainable packaging pumps South Africa's bottled water industry
Rising environmental awareness and calls for heightened sustainable efforts from corporations have come to the fore in the bottled water industry, both globally and locally. As such, companies are strengthening their efforts to adapt products to meet these evolving consuming needs, which has resulted in a new wave of innovative, sustainable packaging solutions. Local consumers have also been thirsty to support brands which advertise their sustainability, with local manufacturers extending these efforts beyond eco-friendly packaging, to include various CSI initiatives. 4 Oct 2023 Read more

Specialised diet pet foods trending in the South African market
In both the global and South African markets, pet owners are increasingly placing greater importance on the health and wellness of their furry companions, particularly due to ongoing pet humanisation trends. This is being leveraged by pet food players in the pet care market, with the release of specialised diet health food that targets different health areas in pets, such as digestion, joint health, skin and coat health, and immune support, amongst others. 27 Sep 2023 Read more

South Africa's growing love for 'local is lekker' fast food
Within the South African Fast Food market, there is a growing love for 'local is lekker' which is resulting in robust market growth, driven by large servings of locally focused advertising and marketing, such as load shedding and the country's ever-popular braai culture. At the same time, township culture is having a supersized effect on the domestic market, not only in terms of flavours and offerings, but also demand and investment, with players leveraging this growing popularity to create a uniquely South African fast food experience. 21 Aug 2023 Read more

Winter is coming: Severe flu season likely to boost South Africa's cough, cold and flu industry
Both globally and locally, there has been a steady increase in the number of influenza cases during flu seasons, which has been accelerated by the removal of Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, whilst flu seasons have also been starting earlier than usual across different regions. The expected strains of influenza are being considered a major public health concern, due to its severity, resulting in the launch of new cough, cold and flu products aimed at meeting the anticipated demand amongst consumers feeling under the weather. 16 Aug 2023 Read more

Innovative sustainability trends give South Africa's coffee industry a caffeine kick
Both globally and locally, coffee market players are increasingly expressing significant interest in sustainability, driven by ongoing concerns surrounding environmental issues and climate change. As a result of this focus, market players have been increasingly putting the 'green' back in coffee, by highlighting various sustainability efforts, including the introduction of recyclable or compostable packaging, as well as various other efforts that emphasise players' commitments to sustainability. 21 Jun 2023 Read more

Are sugar and caffeine fizzling out of South Africa's soft drinks market?
Both globally and locally, the Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) market is witnessing a shift in consumer preferences from traditional high sugar, caffeinated soft drinks to healthier variations that exclude these ingredients, driven by ongoing health concerns surrounding these ingredients. This is resulting in market players increasing its existing brand ranges or launching new CSD products that are sugar- or caffeine-free, or lower in sugar content, thus meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers and catering to ongoing global health trends and priorities. 19 Jun 2023 Read more

Is technology and innovation energising South Africa's supplements market?
Globally, market players are launching new supplement products that have been developed using technological innovation and novel ingredients, in order to meet dynamic consumer requirements. Moreover, the use of innovation is also extending to pharmaceutical retailers, which are introducing user-friendly online platforms to promote the use of supplements, thereby enhancing health personalisation and accessibility. 19 Apr 2023 Read more

How is tech-enabled simplification driving SA's long-term insurance industry growth?
Following the declines experienced in 2020 that resulted in a 4.4% drop in premium volumes, the global Long-Term (Life) Insurance industry demonstrated resilience, by achieving significantly higher growth of 9.9% in 2021, with a marginal 0.2% contraction expected in 2022. Much of this recovery can be attributd to the InsurTech-driven simplification of Life Insurance products, part of the focus on customer centricity following Covid-19-driven changes in consumer expectations. Crucially, this trend is driving greater accessibility in terms of policy requirements and understandability, as well as the development of simplified offerings provided via non-traditional channels, and boosting penetration in underserved markets. 1 Mar 2023 Read more

Are 'better-for-you' options helping to beat SA's breakfast cereals market crunch?
Within the global and local breakfast cereals markets, demand for 'better-for-you' breakfast cereal products, with reduced amounts of 'unhealthy' ingredients, is rapidly rising amongst health-conscious consumers. Amidst a greater focus on nutritional value and quality, there is also an expectation among consumers to not compromise on taste. Local players are leveraging this demand by introducing innovative health-focused products to beat the ongoing unhealthy breakfast cereal stigma, as well as the threat of imminent labelling regulations. 1 Feb 2023 Read more

Is allergic rhinitis 'sneezing' life into South Africa's allergy care market?
Consumers across the globe are being exposed to more allergens, as urbanisation, industrialisation, and pollution, increase rapidly. This has amplified the prevalence and severity of allergic rhinitis and hay fever symptoms, thereby increasing consumer demand for remedies that treat these conditions. As such, global and local market players are catering to these demands for allergic rhinitis treatment through product innovation and product line expansion. 25 Jan 2023 Read more

Are personalised insurance products 'insuring' growth in SA's short-term insurance industry?
Over the past few years, the short-term insurance landscape has significantly evolved in response to a dynamic market environment, with a 'one size fits all' approach no longer being sufficient in meeting market and consumer demands. This has resulted in the introduction of innovative, personalised short-term insurance offerings, driven by insurtech, to meet the complex demands of younger consumers in particular, based on an accurate picture of each individual's needs and preferences. 18 Jan 2023 Read more

Is the premiumisation wave surging in South Africa's bottled water industry?
Both globally and locally, consumers are increasingly demanding premium bottled water products that are more appealing in terms of design and packaging, specific mineral contents, or offering a variety of health benefits. This is resulting in a wave of innovative, premium bottled water products flowing into the local and global markets, as manufacturers try to meet this rising demand by offering region-specific mineral water, and even elevated bottled water experiences, to quench the thirst for premium products. 9 Nov 2022 Read more

Are probiotics designed for children giving South African parents more peace of mind?
As global and South African consumers become increasingly aware of the many benefits associated with probiotics, there has been a growing demand for probiotic products. This has now expanded to the children's and infants' market, as parents increasingly seek to improve their children's health, by providing them with probiotics. Moreover, the health benefits of probiotics for children have become a growing research and media focus area, which has resulted in both global and local players launching probiotic products specifically designed for children or infants, to meet this growing consumer demand and appeal to the parent target market. 24 Oct 2022 Read more

Is the plant-based revolution sowing the seeds for SA's fast food/QSR market growth?
Both globally and locally, the plant-based food trend is continuing to gain momentum across various categories, particularly as consumers become more health-, environment- and sustainability-conscious, in terms of the food that they eat. This trend is gaining significant traction within the fast food industry, reflected in the large variety of new and innovative plant-based offerings being introduced by global and local fast food/QSR market players, to meet the capricious demands of millennial consumers, in particular. 29 Aug 2022 Read more

Innovative products and technology help SA pet care market's tail to wag
Both globally and locally, pet care industry players are increasingly releasing novel, innovative products and technology to meet specific pet care needs. Moreover, it is providing innovative 'treats' for consumers to spoil their pets, by catering to the ongoing pet humanisation trend of treating pets as members of the family. 22 Aug 2022 Read more

Consumer preference for OTC medication spreads in SA's cough, cold and flu remedies market
Within the local and global cough, cold and flu remedies markets, the preference for over-the-counter (OTC) medication is spreading amongst consumers, due to the rising costs of healthcare, and the fact that OTC medication is accessible and more cost-effective. Further contributing to this preference is the fact that consumers are increasingly stocking up on OTC cough, cold and flu remedies in preparation for when they may need it, as well as aboom in e-commerce and home delivery services, which is further supporting the preference for at-home treatment. 13 Jun 2022 Read more

Is the functional coffee trend 'mushrooming' in the South African coffee market?
As Covid-19 continues to heighten awareness around health and wellbeing, global and local coffee consumers are expecting their coffee to provide them with functional health benefits, beyond the caffeinated boost they are accustomed to. This is resulting in the introduction of innovative, functionally-focused coffee products by local players, such as mushroom coffee, to capitalise on the growing perception of coffee as an inherently good-for-you drink. 16 May 2022 Read more

Are functional and funky flavours shaking up SA's fizzy drinks industry?
Both globally and locally, consumers are continuing to seek out healthier fizzy/carbonated soft drinks (CSD) products. However, this focus on health does not mean that consumers are willing to compromise on taste or flavour. As a result, more market players are offering healthier CSD product options, whilst also providing a range of enhanced and novel flavours, in order to meet the capricious demands of consumers. 11 May 2022 Read more

Is SA's supplements market being enhanced from the inside out?
Global and South African consumers' view of wellness has evolved over the past few years, especially considering the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, consumers are increasingly viewing their health and wellbeing through a broader and more holistic lens, with their view of health encompassing both physical and mental health, as well as a healthy appearance. This has resulted in more consumers opting for Supplement products that can improve their overall wellbeing, as well as a host of new products being launched, that offer both internal and external benefits to make consumers look and feel better. 9 May 2022 Read more

Is the legitimisation of cannabis greening the way for SA's cannabis/CBD industry?
While cannabis use remains taboo among some South Africans, an increasing number of consumers are becoming more accepting regarding its use. More specifically, legalisation, government support, and the potential economic advantages offered by the South African cannabis market, have led to the increased legitimisation of cannabis and cannabis-based products. Furthermore, South Africans are becoming increasingly educated around the use of cannabis and are more easily able to safely grow their own cannabis, rather than acquiring it from questionable sources. 14 Feb 2022 Read more

Is InsurTech personalising SA's long-term insurance industry?
The global long-term (life) insurance market was hit hard in 2020, declining by 4.4% in terms of value, with advanced global markets bearing the brunt of this decline. However, positively, the market was expected to rebound strongly in both 2021 and 2022, with predicted growth rates of 3.8% and 4.0%, respectively. This recovery is expected to be fuelled by the InsurTech sector, the growth of which has been accelerated by the Covic-19 pandemic, and the resulting need for innovation to cater to rapidly shifting consumer expectations. 7 Feb 2022 Read more

Is InsurTech ensuring the continued recovery of SA's short-term insurance industry?
In 2021, the global and local short-term insurance industries have endured the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic relatively well, despite declines in both growth and premium volumes. The industry appears to on the road to recovery, driven not only by strongly rebounding economies and consumer spending, but a paradigm shift towards the incorporation of InsurTech and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies. These include the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and even drones, to develop innovative short-term insurance products that cater to capricious consumer demands, whilst increasing efficiency and lowering costs. 6 Dec 2021 Read more

Trust your gut: Are novel probiotic formats boosting SA's probiotics market?
As global and South African consumers become increasingly aware of the many benefits associated with probiotics, more people have been including probiotics in their daily diet. However, capricious consumers are always seeking more appealing and convenient product formats, to get their required probiotic dose. This has resulted in global and South African players launching a range of innovative probiotic product formats, including probiotic drinks and even chocolate bars, that appeal to a variety of consumer segments. 23 Nov 2021 Read more

The tail wagging the dog: Is pet well-being driving innovation in SA's pet care market?
Globally, Covid-19 lockdowns have accelerated rates of pet ownership, as consumers feel the emotional effects of restrictions and look to pets for companionship. As a result, consumers are also placing significantly more importance on the mental and physical well-being of their 'furry' children by investing in innovative products and services. This desire to better care for, and spoil their pets, is being driven by the increasingly popular trend of pet humanisation. 25 Oct 2021 Read more

Will the surge in contactless innovations help SA's fast food industry to recover in 2021?
The effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic continue to have a significant impact on the global and South African fast food industry, particularly in terms of preferences for contactless fast food purchasing and delivery. This is resulting in the rapid proliferation of innovative contactless ordering and delivery services, to ensure that market players meet consumer demands for safe and convenient Fast Food, during the global pandemic. 23 Aug 2021 Read more

Are e-pharmacies naturally making SA's cough, cold and flu remedies market healthier?
Amidst the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic, consumers continue to be reluctant to venture out, instead demanding safe and convenient ways of having essentials delivered to their doors, with cough, cold and flu remedies being no exception to this viral trend. In response, there has been a rapid spread of mobile and online delivery platforms facilitating the speedy delivery of cough, cold and flu remedies directly to consumers, through e-pharmacies. These platforms offer easy access to increasingly popular natural and herbal products, thereby ensuring the health of the global and South African markets. 2 Aug 2021 Read more

Is at-home consumption heating up South Africa's coffee industry?
Since early 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically stirred up the global and local coffee industries. Increased demand has been witnessed within the coffee industry, largely driven by consumers staying home due to pandemic-related restrictions, but still wanting to enjoy their favourite coffee drinks. This has led to more consumers seeking out at-home alternatives to their favourite coffee orders, as well as brewing advice and equipment, to improve their at-home coffee experience. 14 Jun 2021 Read more

Will innovation bring the fizz back to SA's carbonated soft drinks industry?
The global and local carbonated soft drinks market has been getting some of its fizz back in 2021, following a relatively flat period, resulting from the massive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. For example, The Coca-Cola Company recorded a 9% decline in global sales, for the 2020 calendar year. In an attempt to stimulate consumption volume, global and local players have been introducing a range of refreshingly new and innovative products, with the hope that it resonates with capricious consumer tastes and demands. 3 May 2021 Read more

Are tailored supplements best suited to meet SA's market needs?
Globally, consumers are seeking out products tailored to their unique needs and requirements, and this is no different in the supplement market, as more supplement products targeting the needs of specific consumer groups become available. These include nutricosmetic supplements, which combine nutrition with anti-ageing and beauty benefits; nootropics (smart nutraceuticals), which are aimed at boosting mental energy; as well as supplement products specifically designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of various disorders in children. 17 Mar 2021 Read more

Is SA's cannabis industry predicted to become 'green gold' or 'fool's gold'?
In recent years, the global cannabis market has witnessed a significant boom. This has mainly resulted from the increased acceptance and acknowledgement of the therapeutic potential of cannabis, as well as the growing movement of legalisation and decriminalisation of cannabis. 1 Feb 2021 Read more

Will SA's short-term insurance industry weather the Covid-19 storm?
Since March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has been negatively impacting economies, affecting supply chains and challenging industries globally. The global short-term insurance industry has not been spared, with the sharpest economic contraction since the Great Depression of the 1930s, predicted to result in a significant decrease in demand for short-term insurance in 2020. However, the global recession is anticipated to be relatively short-lived, and the short-term Insurance industry is expected to weather the storm, although the impact of the pandemic on the industry remains to be seen in 2021. 16 Nov 2020 Read more

Can mobile technology 'vaccinate' SA's private healthcare industry against Covid-19?
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a unique and substantial impact on the local and global private healthcare industry. As the numbers of Covid-19 cases continue to rise, the private healthcare industry finds itself at the centre of the pandemic, having to continue providing existing healthcare services, whilst also accommodating growing numbers of Covid-19 cases. As a result, the adoption of mobile healthcare technology by the industry is accelerating, as part of efforts to cope with increased demand, take care of crucial staff and maintain a high standard of patient care. 16 Nov 2020 Read more

Are personalised probiotics colonising the SA probiotics market?
With more consumers looking for ways of strengthening their immune system and overall gut health, many manufacturers are offering personalised probiotic products, which are tailormade to appeal to specific consumer segments. This product innovation is expected to further drive growth in the global and South African probiotics markets, with these products being designed to meet specific needs of individuals, as well as targeting various health issues and life stages. 9 Nov 2020 Read more

Could ghost kitchens and deliveries be the Covid-19 cure for SA's fast food industry?
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to the local and global fast food industry, with industry players consequently adapting to rapidly shifting market conditions, in order to survive. As part of efforts to find a cure for the economic effects of Covid-19, the concept of ghost kitchens is taking hold, both locally and globally. This innovative concept is providing opportunities for cash-strapped fast food companies, as well as smaller players, to save costs by sharing production facilities, and having their food delivered to consumers. 11 Aug 2020 Read more

Are pampered pets boosting SA's pet care industry?
Both globally and locally, pet owners are finding novel ways to pamper their pets, as they are increasingly being considered as an important member of the family. These include treats such as ice cream, frozen yogurt and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as a variety of high-end services, such as luxury pet hotels and spa treatments. These unique treats are popular among pet owners, who continue to humanise their pets with luxury products and services that they themselves enjoy. 20 Jul 2020 Read more

Are sponsorships the front runner in SA's sports and energy drinks market?
In South Africa, the use of sponsorships in sports and energy drinks marketing is an ongoing trend, especially for sport teams and extreme sports. The association with athletes and sporting events has been a strategic move, by sports and energy drink brands, to combat the negative perceptions of these types of drinks. In addition, sponsorships have also provided sports and energy drinks with the opportunity to build brand loyalty among consumers. 6 Jul 2020 Read more

How is Covid-19 boosting SA's cough, cold and flu remedies market?
Whilst the global Covid-19 pandemic is having a devastating global impact, the resulting symptoms such as dry cough, fever and respiratory difficulties has been positive for the cough, cold and flu remedies market. Over the past few months, consumers have engaged in panic buying to be better prepared in case of infection, which has boosted sales and the growth of the cough, cold and flu remedies market. 22 Jun 2020 Read more

Are innovative cold-pressed flavour infusions boosting SA's juice market?
In recent years, cold-pressed Juice has achieved considerable success due to the associated health benefits of this processing method, as well as the convenience of 'on-the-go' consumption. In order to meet consumer demands and attract new customers, various industry players have developed and launched new flavour infusions to their cold-pressed Juice ranges, which is boosting the juice market. 8 Jun 2020 Read more

How m-commerce is brewing in SA's coffee industry
With the rapid growth of mobile applications currently brewing, both globally and locally, leading coffee industry players are increasingly incorporating mobile commerce (m-commerce) technologies, as a key element of their growth strategies. The goal behind the adoption of m-commerce technology is to make the coffee purchasing process a perfectly, percolated experience for consumers. 23 Mar 2020 Read more

Is SA's G&T lifestyle trend keeping the soft drinks market flowing?
Given the sluggish economy and market growth, carbonated soft drinks manufacturers and distributors have started to explore innovative ways of boosting industry sales. With craft gin being 'all the rage', and more than 250 craft gins now available in South Africa, many players have launched exotic-flavoured soft drink and tonic water variants to meet changing consumer tastes. 2 Mar 2020 Read more

How is technology revolutionising SA's short-term insurance industry?
The rise of technology and digitalisation is fast becoming a significant driving force in several industries globally, including the short-term insurance industry. The industry and consumers are increasingly shifting from the traditional models of insurance, and gravitating towards more customer-centric, digital solutions that are being revolutionised through the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). 4 Nov 2019 Read more

Can SA's fast food industry afford to ignore the vegan movement?
Ketogenic, flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, and so many more. The number and variety of specialised diets consumers are adopting continue to increase every year. Some of these diets are simply fads, while others become trends. Veganism has become a lifestyle choice for many, and, as a result, it is a concept the food industry, and specifically, fast food players, can no longer afford to ignore. 29 Jul 2019 Read more

Are 'pet families' helping to grow the pet care market in SA?
Pets are becoming more important in society, with pet owners increasingly investing more time and money in their pet's health, wellness, and safety. Pets are no longer being treated as companion animals, but rather as part of the family, with pet owners aligning their pet's lifestyles to that of their own by providing them with healthy foods, physical activities, and ensuring they have access to high-quality healthcare. 15 Jul 2019 Read more

Are natural and healthy choices keeping away the flu?
'You are what you eat' and 'staying in shape' are two factors that are becoming more relevant than ever before. There is a strong trend towards adopting healthier, more natural lifestyles. And although this trend may be beneficial to most, it could represent a challenge to the traditional OTC medication industry in the future. 27 May 2019 Read more

Are 'functional', flavour trends boosting SA's bottled water industry?
Globally, there has been a growing trend among consumers towards improved health and wellbeing. As a result, the global health trend has swept across all industries, including bottled water, with consumers increasingly seeking healthier beverage options such as bottled water, rather than sugary beverage alternatives. 20 May 2019 Read more

How is innovation impacting SA's coffee industry?
As one of the world's favourite beverages and major sources of caffeine for many consumers, coffee continues to play an integral role in the daily routines of society, and coffee consumption continues to witness strong growth globally. This is no different in South Africa, with the country's unique culture and innovative trends helping the country's coffee industry to carve a successful niche in the global market. 11 Mar 2019 Read more

Will innovative trends help to further boost SA's vitamins industry?
As the lifestyle of individuals become increasingly busy, many are seeking more efficient ways to remain fit and healthy, while also boosting their energy levels. As an alternative to traditional vitamin pills and tablets, some people are turning to vitamin IV drips and inhalable vitamins. These innovative trends could potentially shape the future of the vitamins market. 18 Feb 2019 Read more

Are South Africans really saying no to fizzy drinks?
Although South African consumers' move towards healthier lifestyles, as well as the introduction of sugar tax, may have slightly tarnished the positive feelings once associated with 'Enjoy the feeling' and other refreshing moments, the carbonated soft drinks industry remains relatively optimistic, and many industry professionals believe that the category will continue to grow over the coming years. 6 Feb 2019 Read more

Will 'climate change' keep SA's short-term insurance industry in the doldrums in 2018?
On a global scale, the majority of short-term insurance markets, including South Africa, remain in a phase of below-average profitability. Despite holding 44% of the African market, the South African short-term insurance market experienced sluggish premiums growth in 2017. 30 Oct 2018 Read more

Are probiotics boosting SA's digestive health industry growth?
Increasingly, health-conscious consumers are starting to follow their gut when looking for ways of mitigating the negative health effects of increasingly stressful lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. A growing number of consumers are using probiotics to prevent and manage their digestive, as well as general, health issues. 15 Oct 2018 Read more

Has the Cape's water crisis driven bottled water sales?
Still, sparkling, flavoured or enriched with additional vitamins and minerals? Bottled water was once a far simpler product, but the number of options available to consumers within this category has increased substantially over the last few years and driven the growth of the industry. With the water crisis in the Cape provinces (Northern, Western and Eastern), we investigate whether sales of bottled water have significantly increased over the past year, and what the outlook is for 2018 and beyond. 3 Sep 2018 Read more

Is SA's tea industry 'everyone's cup of tea'?
For some a good cup of tea is like a hug in a mug; it simply makes everything better. Many consumers use tea to connect with family and friends and the drink is often associated with memories of happiness and joy. 27 Aug 2018 Read more

Is online delivery helping to sustain SA's fast food industry?
Whether it is a weekend temptation or a mid-week emergency dinner, fast food has been the convenient choice for most South Africans, with the industry enjoying robust growth over the past 10 years. 22 Aug 2018 Read more

Is SA's analgesics market breaking through the 'pain' barrier?
On a global scale, pain continues to be one of the most common symptoms encouraging individuals to seek medical care or over-the-counter alternatives to relieve their symptoms. This coupled with the ever-growing global healthcare industry, accelerated technological developments, the increasing prevalence of various pain disorders, and the rising global ageing population, are some of the key factors driving growth of the analgesics market globally, as well as in South Africa. 16 Jul 2018 Read more

Is the concentrates market 'hydrating' South African consumers?
On a global scale, concentrate offers a wide variety of beverage options to consumers. This coupled with rising consumer health-consciousness, longer shelf life and the cost-effectiveness of concentrates in comparison to other soft drink options is set to continue fuelling the demand for concentrates globally and in South Africa. However, with the ever-looming Sugar Tax now also imposed on this market sector, it remains to be seen whether concentrates will continue to thrive in South Africa. 9 Jul 2018 Read more

Are healthier lifestyles driving SA's fruit juice industry?
The fruit juice industry is currently in a relatively healthy state, both locally and globally, with many opportunities presenting themselves for manufacturers and producers despite the challenges within the industry. 20 Jun 2018 Read more

Is pet 'parenting' driving SA industry growth?
Pets touch our hearts and influence our lives in ways that most people never will. Based on a survey conducted by Boomerang Africa, 67% of children consider pets to be their best friend and 72% of South African families laugh at least once a day because of something their pet does. 11 Jun 2018 Read more

Maybe she's born with it... or is it good skincare?
The pursuit of beautiful and flawless skin has been part of society since the beginning of time. The Egyptians often used natural products, such as olive oil, ostrich eggs, and essential oils, on their skin. They were also responsible for creating the first anti-wrinkle creams with frankincense essential oils. Today, skincare has become one of the largest global industries, with products now offering protection against ageing, free radicals and even environmental pollution. 4 Jun 2018 Read more

Are SA's coffee consumers becoming connoisseurs?
For most people, drinking coffee is part of a daily ritual based on their need and mood: a caffeine kick to wake up in the morning, an on-the-go pick-me-up, or to connect with friends and colleagues at a favourite café. Globally, consumers are becoming more discerning about their coffee, selecting their perfect cup based on quality, source of coffee beans, sustainability and the roasting process. Are we seeing a similar trend among South African consumers? 16 Apr 2018 Read more

How well is SA's vitamins and supplements market?
Stimulated by an ageing global population and increased focus on health, wellness and preventative healthcare, there has been significant growth in the vitamins and dietary supplements market. Interestingly, the global market has managed to appeal to all consumer segments with no discrimination in terms of dietary habits, culture, age or gender. We investigate if the South African market has followed the global growth trend or become another victim of the sluggish South African economy. 19 Feb 2018 Read more

Is SA's bottled water market pumping?
According to the City of Cape Town's Water Dashboard (4 September 2017), the current dam levels are estimated at 35.1% and the volume of usable water is 10% less than the measured dam levels. In supermarkets around the city, bottled water displays have become a common sighting and residents are clearly stocking up on water to prevent shortages. Will the ongoing drought help drive the bottled water industry in 2017 and beyond? 26 Sep 2017 Read more

Is SA's fast food market still growing?
It is clear from the addition (e.g. Popeyes) and expansion of several fast food brands in the South African fast food market, that a large appetite for quick meals and indulgence exists amongst South African consumers. However, given the challenging economic environment, will the South African fast food market continue to grow in 2017? 4 Sep 2017 Read more

Is SA's healthcare getting better?
Insight Survey's latest South African Healthcare Industry Landscape Report 2017 provides a holistic understanding of the healthcare landscape in South Africa based on the latest information and research. 28 Aug 2017 Read more

SA energy drinks market, Monsters vs Bulls?
Our lives are becoming increasingly frantic: trying to balance work pressures, family obligations and personal time into one's daily schedule is challenging. So, for many of us, a daily energy boost has almost become a necessity, and the myriad of energy drinks available in South Africa has made it a convenient, on-the-go solution. 7 Aug 2017 Read more

Is the SA fruit juice market being squeezed?
Whether braving the queues at the supermarket at month-end or sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop, one cannot help but notice the increasingly greater variety in fruit and vegetable juice flavours available to enjoy. What are the latest trends and reasons for these trends in the South African market? Is always reliable orange juice becoming too (dare one say it) ...boring? 17 May 2017 Read more

SA cold and flu industry: In sickness and in health...
The 2017 cold and flu season is almost upon us again... in South Africa, seasonal flu tends to be very common, and usually lasts from April to August. With the rise of the antibiotic-resistant “superbug” and more aggressive strains of the influenza virus, OTC cold and flu remedies will again be on the rise during this period! 13 Mar 2017 Read more

Is café culture fuelling the SA coffee industry?
For many consumers across the globe their morning ritual will not be complete without a cup of coffee: at home, on-the-go or during a business meeting at an upmarket pavement café. Coffee is the second-most consumed beverage in the world after water. It is, however, significantly more than just a beverage. In fact, it is a global commodity that is one of the world's most traded products, second in value only to oil. Considering the growing global demand for coffee, what trends are being observed in the South African coffee market? 27 Feb 2017 Read more

Is the humanisation trend wagging the SA pet care market?
Around the world, similar scenes play out daily: the health-conscious go running with a dog by their side, dogs and children play elaborate games in local parks, glamourous ladies do window shopping with an equally stylishly dressed dog at their heels... Pets are becoming increasingly important, with a growing number of pet owners treating their pets as family members, and spending more on their pets. Can similar trends be seen in South Africa? 20 Feb 2017 Read more

Is Banting moving the SA cheese market forward?
Over the past few years, the global cheese market is one sector that has seen tremendous growth, however, given the significant economic challenges facing South African consumers cheese products are often viewed as a luxury purchase. With the Noakes-induced Banting trend in South Africa prescribing the consumption of cheese, just what impact, if any, is this phenomenon having on domestic consumption trends? 9 Feb 2017 Read more

Is the vitamins and supplement market outpacing the SA economy?
Considering the increasing global consumer awareness about good health, well-being and preventative healthcare, the unprecedented growth observed in the vitamins and supplements market in the last ten to fifteen years is unsurprising. However, given the economic challenges being faced by South African consumers over the past few years, has the South African market followed the global growth trend or succumbed to the negative market forces being exerted on consumers? 30 Jan 2017 Read more

Is SA's love for fast food still growing?
The philosophical doctrine of 'change being the only constant', is wholly applicable to the South African fast food industry as stakeholders are forced to constantly craft competitive responses to capriciously fluid market dynamics. These innovative strategies fuelled strong domestic growth as well as the launch and rapid expansion of multinational brands such as Burger King, Domino's Pizza, Starbucks and Pizza Hut. The key question is whether all these developments have helped to grow the fast food market in 2015/2016? 26 Sep 2016 Read more

Is the bottled water market drying up?
The perception of the typical consumer is that water will always be readily available when required - turn open a tap and fill your glass or bottle. However, South Africa has recently experienced multiple droughts and dam levels have reached an all-time low in 2016 forcing water restrictions to be put in place. Does this mean that the bottled water, like tap water resources, are likely to be limited in upcoming years? 5 Sep 2016 Read more

Is the sports and energy drinks market 'stepping up'?
In the fast-paced world we currently live in, an extra boost to your energy levels cannot be a bad thing - something that will enable you to keep up with deadlines as well as the demands of your personal life. What is the one thing you as an athlete or non-athlete can use for that instant energy fix? Energy drinks of course, and if you prefer replacing lost fluids and electrolytes, why not grab a sports drink! 22 Aug 2016 Read more

Is the global health trend bringing out the 'best' in tea?
Considering the universal health benefits of tea, it seems an obvious answer. Since the majority of consumers are now looking for an alternative to sugar-rich carbonated beverages, tea presents the logical solution. After all, most herbal teas offer dietary or health benefits, whether it is aiding your digestive system, lowering blood pressure or just calming your nerves. 13 Jun 2016 Read more

Will SA's short-term insurance industry prosper?
According to a recent report in a prominent South African publication, South Africa's short-term insurance industry is on the cusp of a significant growth period. Gross premium income is expected to increase to R121bn by 2017, equating to a whopping 39% increase over that period! However, whilst such projections may see industry stakeholders deliriously reaching for the Moët, such cause for optimism may be premature. 30 May 2016 Read more

Is the state of the SA chocolate industry 'unhealthy'?
Over the past few years, the global health revolution has managed to firmly entrench its 'clean-eating' dogma into the minds of Mzansi consumers. As a result, we have witnessed a marked decline in SA chocolate consumption. 9 May 2016 Read more

Is SA's health trend boosting fruit juice sales?
The answer seems obvious. It must be a resounding 'yes'. Surely, the health fundi battalion, armed with neon à la mode apparel and spurned on by draconian dietary ideology, must be boosting RTD juice sales as they wage their corporeal war against the proverbial 'bulge'? One may certainly be forgiven for thinking so anyway. 25 Apr 2016 Read more

Are SA coffee drinkers becoming more sophisticated?
The life of the humble South African coffee mug is becoming somewhat precarious. This once cherished kitchen staple, generally emblazoned with whimsical caricatures or schmaltzy aphorisms (e.g. ''World's Greatest Dad''), is slowly being cast aside, increasingly playing second fiddle to its cosmopolitan and paper counterparts. 2 Mar 2016 Read more

Have vitamins and supplements become "essential" in SA?
The liberal use of the word "essential" is, well essentially (pardon the pun), quintessential marketing rhetoric used throughout the vitamins and supplements sector. However, whilst the efficacy of said claims across this alphabetic smorgasbord are debatable, the sector's universal growth rate is simply unequivocal. 24 Feb 2016 Read more

A sticky situation: SA's sugar industry woes
Hackneyed puns aside, South Africa's sugar industry is in dire straits. Whilst the Goddess of the Harvest (or perhaps more literally the unfavourable weather conditions), is perceived to be the sole inflictor of such woe, Insight Survey claims that the current quagmire is in fact the combined result of a myriad of other factors - beyond that of the elements. 2 Nov 2015 Read more

Innovative strategies fuel SA fast food industry growth
The philosophical doctrine of 'change being the only constant', is wholly applicable to the South African fast food industry as stakeholders are forced to constantly craft competitive responses to capriciously fluid market dynamics. These innovative strategies have fueled phenomenal domestic growth over the past five years. 21 Sep 2015 Read more

Is SA's love for fast food defying banting?
One may assume that the Noakes-induced banting trend, with its renouncement of carb-laden calories, may represent a formidable foe to the local fast food industry. But just what impact, if any, is this dietary phenomenon having on domestic consumption trends? 11 Aug 2015 Read more

The 'foreign' impact on South Africa's potato industry
Be it the economic repercussions of the recent wave of xenophobic violence sweeping the country; the import tariff war waged against European markets; or the effects of foreign viruses on domestic crop yield, it is clear that the market environment of South Africa's potato industry is currently bound by a single common denominator: that of the 'foreign'. 6 Jul 2015 Read more

Behind the curve: SA's maize industry woes
Despite strong growth in demand, global maize stocks have risen to multi-decade highs. Cumulative carryover stocks are forecast to reach a 27-year high by the end of 2014/15, led by strong gains in the major exporters and large worldwide harvests. However, according to Insight Survey's latest Carbohydrate Landscape Report this global production trend has been unable to gain traction in South Africa, as adverse weather conditions are putting strain on the local maize industry. 22 Jun 2015 Read more

'Dependency' is the trend in South Africa's rice industry
Whether it's a reliance on foreign governmental support for agriculture (i.e. Thailand); riding the capricious waves of global import markets; having demand wax and wane in relation to the pricing of alternative staples; or simply being subjected to ever-changing consumer preferences (e.g. 'Banting'), the perennial trend in South Africa's Rice industry is that of 'dependency'. 8 Jun 2015 Read more

Is SA's 'low-carb' hype starving carb sales?
This is the question on everyone's lips. 27 May 2015 Read more

Ensuring customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction research focuses on customers' perceptions and experience relative to products and services. 8 May 2015 Read more

Catering to customer needs
Customer needs analysis is used in a variety of product and brand management contexts, including concept development, product development, value analysis and customer value analysis. 4 May 2015 Read more

Understanding and improving your brand
Brand tracking studies are an important tool in the day-to-day decisions brand managers make. They allow marketers to monitor a brand's health and adjust marketing programs. 15 Apr 2015 Read more

Understanding the customer decision-making process
Understanding your customers is the secret to successful selling. Existing customers are important sources of information. 8 Apr 2015 Read more

Evaluating the success of Medical reps among medical practitioners
Medical representatives more commonly referred to as "reps"are a key link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. 20 Mar 2015 Read more